Fashion of Midi Rings

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Midi rings have become a major fashion staple for every woman these days.The style you sport tells other what type of person you are and the way you carry yourself tells other how rational you are when it comes to fashion, style, and trend. There is no denying that personal style demands you to have a little, strong taste in fashion because it’s simply impossible to look someone you urge to be if you lack the passion.  It’s that simple that we study others by the way of your clothing, style, and accessories. If you encounter with a lady whose fingernails are manicured professionally, you’ll definitely think that she is a fashionholic. She cares about herself- her fingernails and above all her style.

Among several fashion accessories we buy every year, the most important ones are beautiful midi rings. Who doesn’t wear Celtic or silver rings in this age of modernization where society gives you score not for your communication etiquette but also for your style? You are studied by other people from head to toe when you communicate with them. No doubt that those pay less attention to enhancing their appearance and style often ends up with a shattered confidence.  So when you step out of your home, don’t forget to adorn your wrist and ears. It’s not necessary to wear heavy beaded necklace all the time during regular days, just wear something light. Just in case you don’t feel like wearing necklace or watch, you can give yourself a whole lot of energy by wearing midi rings.

Personalized midi rings have various styles and shapes, and sometimes colors as well. The metal of rings could be silver sterling, antique, platinum, rhodium or white gold depending on their model number, making and price.




You can wear midi rings to express your personality without speaking anything- that’s a big advantage of this jewelry item. Why is that? How can a ring tell others what you are? It’s possible. When you wear a personalized charm ring with a lion on it, you actually express your bravery to others. In silent words, you tell others that you have energy even though you seem to be fragile in your appearance.

Polka dot art with tie midi ring





modern midi rings

Love midi ring with heart shape band

love midi rings

Triangle, camera and heart charm midi bands

triangle midi rings

Simple infinity knot midi rings

knot midi rings

Symbolic midi rings all together

beautiful midi rings

Leaf, infinity and cross midi bands
cute midi rings

Crystal bow and flowers in charms

bow midi rings

Skeleton ring

This is not a midi ring but I have included it in the post, some extra bands can be teamed up

with this charm.

charm ring with skeleton

Book of music notes ring

I like this ring a lot because it appears to be antique in its appears. Love this one, you can add some nice bands with it.

charm ring with book

Heavy metal midi bands

Eagle charm is looking very dominant, some women wear animated symbols for spirituality. These charms can be good match up for modern apparels- good to be funky sometimes.

antique charm rings

Cheetah Charm ring

cheetah charm ringLet me tell you that big charm or symbolic kind of rings should be worn in the middle finger, to make it look like a complete set you can wear some bands the way you usually do, they will blend with the silver or gold of the metal, giving your hands a nice appeal.

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