Pink colored hairstyles

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Pink hair color has become a staple color in the hairstyling trends these days. Last years, a lot of college girls were showing their pastel tresses on mullets, layers and bob cuts. This year, even more of the modern fellows are seen to be in love with shades of pink colors. The first and foremost important part is to get a hair cut done before you even dye your hair in pink. Choose the best shade for your face and complexion and decide firmly if it’s the shade you really want to carry this year. Once dyed, your hair won’t be able to change back to brown or black, so pick your pink hair carefully lady lest you should regret later.

What are lustrous short pink hairstyles 2017 for special, sassy and attractive girls of colleges and schools?  There are many cuts- layers, bob cut shag cut, and above all mullets. But the last one cut is not for sissies since it requires a lot of maintenance work on regular basis, possibly everyday after you take bath. Since mullets are bit different from shag or wild layered that one can ever difficult to tackle with, so one might have to do extra work in order to set them in place before heading out of home.There are many shades of pink you can try and enjoy but top in my list are as follows:
Queen pink hair color
Lavender pink hair color
Rose pink Hair color
Baby pink hair color
Pastel pink hair color
All these colors go very well on almost any type of haircut and hairstyle-whether it is short or long in length. I would like to add here that many girls are focusing more on getting that gloss factor on pink hair as they think that their hair loses shine when dyed in light shade- this can be done easily by using good hair products. Now check out some of the best, lustrous short pink haircuts 2014 that are worth-praising being gorgeous.

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