Pink feather cut

Do you want to try out some new pink hair colors 2016? Not to worry because the availability of hues has been drastically surged up due to high demand, it won’t take much time to find out the right shade for your hair texture.

With Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Rihanna changing their hair more frequently every year, a lot of girls feel encourage to dye their hair in unique colors like blues, purples, greens, and browns. Red was thought to be the only modern shade few years ago while natural colors that were in at that time period were browns, blacks, and burgundy. Now just click any hair color chart, you’ll see how many new colors have been added for amateur ladies customers by the hair dye manufactures.

Girls and women love pink color as it’s the only color which relates to their personality and feminine nature. Yeah, without any double, pink is a girlish color. All girls start using this color from the early stage of their life. In fact, the shade is used by parents in their new born baby’s room especially if it is girl. All cribs, beddings, curtains, sheets, flowers, wall decors, and other stuff in the room usually have pink as a common color in design as it has been a symbol of softness and delicacy of femininity.

Here are some pink hair colors ideas for amateur ladies of the present era.

Gone are the days when girls wanted to wear a natural look of their own because modern generation is too much into fairy tales and they want to look different just like the characters of their favorite story. Barbie has been a very popular for little and young girls for a long time- I remember I used to play with a doll whose hairs were pretty neon pink in shade and her dress was also pink, a perfect matching shoes would excite me and made me to play throughout the day. I hope you also have a favorite Barbie stored else where in your room at that time as it’s the strong memory of childhood. If you always wanted to look like a Barbie with pink hair streaks or blue highlights, you can do it now easily. It’s time to cherish those dreams which you ever saw in your life about your personal hairstyle. Anyone can look like a real Barbie now because there is no limitations of hair colors- want your hair to be dyed in electric pink or zinc color? Go for it, no restriction at all.

My favorite pink fishtail.

pink fishtail braid

The question is what shade of pink will go with your skin tone or complexion? The answer is simple, a natural pink, ideally women with pale and black complexion mustn’t choose neon pink or magenta hair colors for dying their hair as such shades are too sharp that not even blondes can carry them very well.  I am going to share some unique pink hair color ideas here:

Pastel pink hair colors 2016:

Pastel pink hair shades are very much into trend this year just like last year and year before it. Purple, violet, lilac, grey, and light pinks are some shades which come in the category of pastel hair. Of all pink is more popular as it suits all complexions.

pastel pink stacked bob 2016

I like this attractive and elegant pastel layers, they have soft feelings and appeal that can be noticed at the first glance.Pink feather cut


Pink  hair colors with dark shades 2016:

 Pink hair makes a good contrast with dark shades like brown, black and cherry red. The result of dying will depend on the quality of the colors; some girls are also dying rainbow in pink for summer and spring. Let’s see how creative you are as dying hair in pink is all about creativity and talent. If you are a bit of artistic, you will surely be looking different from rest of girls in the class for wearing unique shade of pink.

pink hair for prom party

Two tones of highlights have been added.dark pink chignon updo with chalking

This is slightly darker than baby down do hairstyle

Pink hair colors 2016 with extensions:

Hair extensions are for those girls whose parents don’t give them permission of changing the natural hair color. In some schools and colleges, students aren’t even allowed to dye hair in any unnatural shade. If you are one of those unlucky girls who have to follow rules and regulations during studies, you shouldn’t be sad as hair extensions will help you look as fashionable as other girls are. The benefit of hair extensions is that you don’t have to play with colors on your own and the chances of damage are also least because you just wear extensions on the base color rather than using chemicals on hair.

extension in pink curls

Pink hair spray or chalk:

When don’t have time to dye hair or put oneself into hassle of instant coloring, most girls choose to spray their hair for dying their hair in temporary pink shade. Chalks are very popular with regards to temporary hair coloring; they contain no chemicals and harmful ingredients and are washable.

pink curls with extensions

Ombre pink hair colors

Ombre pink hair trends are compelling even an average woman to change her personal style. Just browse through the internet and you will get tons of ideas on pink ombre hair.  Pink is a popular shade because it merges with several other colors quite easily. You can add purple, violet, orange, red, or other neon shades with it for getting a unique version of impeccable ombre.

pink waves for parties

Pink highlights:

Glossy pastel and pink highlights always set off one’s look in the crowd. The trend of hair highlights isn’t outdated yet nor will it be as not every woman prefer one-shade hair coloring.

pink chalk crown braid hairstyle

Pink tresses and streaks:

Streaks and pink tresses give an edgy and sassy outlook to hair. Instead of looking blunt, sharp, and frumpy ,you look stylish and sensible when right colors are used in the right amount on the base of natural hair color.

regular pink layers

The finest cut I have ever seen.Pink layer cut

The short story is you have too many colors to pick in the color and it is not very to lock your decision on face. Remember that your face color and ethnicity are also important because they will define whether or not a hair color would you you.

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