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We all know that men of the 21st century are full of energy, wanting to pass by all the fashionable ladies when it comes to wearing ‘breath-taking hairstyles and haircuts’, but few have gone far beyond the border, blurring the lines between fashionable and extra-fashionable.

You won’t believe it there are few feminine-like men who are wearing pink hair colours for men. Pink, oh no, when you hear the color you generally think of all the girly think and you begin to assume as a man wearing pink would either be someone loves Emo or someone having souls of two genders (male and female together). Contrary to all common beliefs, there are some handsome men who love wearing shades of pink such as pastels, baby pinks, and lavender pinks.  Men wear pink hair 2014- the new year hasn’t set any boundaries for fashionable men, maybe it’s more about their personal choice than about what’s in the fashion.

Amazing thing is that they don’t look odd at all when they stand in public with couple of other fellows, showing off what they have got in their looks.They are probably being admired for their unique pick of pink hair colours for men instead of their personal styles- they might be so many discussions about their new hair color in the town, but who cares? Fashion doesn’t oblige anyone to just wear a hair color that’s all other people are sporting in 2014, in fact it’s all about you and it’s about your comfort.

No boundary in fashion, set your own:

The title says it all, there is no rules for you to follow and no more boundaries to get restricted inside, you are free to try any color you want and you would not mind if I told you that there are seriously some nice cuts that would be complementary with some so-called weird hair dyes. The cut is a kind of trick to magnify the beauty of the hair dye whether it be pink, green or blue. Just don’t feel ashamed of trying any color you like- it is your skin, your hair and your body, you are entitled to groom your personality the way you ant.

Graceful Pink hair colours for men:

Let’s check some of greatest pink hair colours I have collected for you. They are trendy and vibrant in every way.

pink mohawk hair idea men

Since undercutting is a big trend these days you can try it a bit differently by having your hair dyed in magenta pink.

pink hair for men with undercutting

Chalking can be used for getting temporary pink on the hair setting. Brush back your hair and apply the balm, use the hair chalk and groom it a bit to get the hairstyle in a good shape.

pink hair chalking men

This is another example of pink hair chalking you can try at home, the color won’t last long.

Pink hair chalking idea men

Can you see some orange hue in his mohawk? I like the combination.

Pink faux hawk for men

Good idea for teenager wanting to have a nice transition in appearance without much ado.

blonde pink hair men

This is a kind of pastel shade you can try only if your complexion is fair.

blonde pink shags for men

Pink hair chalking idea for men.

hair chalking men

Here is one inspiration to take from a Japanese man.

Pink bowl cutting men

His hair is short but he found out a way to keep it trendy despite of short length


Pink caesar haircut menNice effect given by hair spray, it can last for few days.

Jared Leto Pink mohawk

He has a permanent pink hair with some pastels purple and orange.

Lavender pink hair men

You might have gone through several ideas on pink hair colours for men but the ones I have shared above are the most rated and most considerable just in case you are looking to get your hair dyed with the right color.



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