Ponytail Hairstyles Ideas for Men

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It seems to me as people are getting more rational and sensible, they have begun to understand that desire for fashion has not to be restricted or partial and all types of boundaries can be crossed, not just by women of the modern world but also by men. There used to be a time when all people would stand by a boy wearing long hair ponytail, they would point out to him and pick on him as if he is an alien, not a human being. The boys with long hair or hair ponytails would be laughed at, no matter how they stylish and beautiful were or would look. This is because people had fixed their standard in fashion, they had restricted the fashion for men, assuming that they had to look typical, sober and gentle all the time.

For the fear of getting bullied by others, many boys and men would not even attempt to keep long hair or back laid hair, thinking that they would be regarded as less rational member of civilization. What do you call civilization and society as? Civilization is not about limiting the rights of men or women when it comes to fashion and trends. Every individual has their rights and freedom to wear a haircut they desire or long for, it’s really unwise of others to stop and call names of those boys who look different from others.

I am not intended to start a debate on mens’ right nor do I intend to fight for the mens’ fashion, giving explanation or points in their favor as why they should be treated nicely and not be laughed at if they wear long haircuts. I have chosen to write a small article on pony hairstyles because I am personally impressed by guys who wear long hair. Some think that long pony hairstyles may compromise with the masculinity of men since they are meant to wear shortest, nicest cuts all the time, trust the truth and the truth is nothing can mess up with their features as long as they know what they are doing and if what they do is making their impression or not. Men with long ponytail hairstyles look handsome provided that they have tied the hair nicely.

Gladly ponytail hairstyles are not considered taboo or immature fashion anymore ever since famous celebrities like David Beckham and Bred Pitt showed their nice ponytail buns to public. These are men, too, yet they know that it’s possible to invest more grace in your personality by wearing long hair in a neatly done ponytail hairstyle.

There are different ponytail hairstyles for men that can give you idea on what can be done on long hair. In most cases, all you need is a rubber band to tie the hair in ponytail or classy bun.

Check out some of these cool ponytail hair ideas for men, they are lovely, you can try some of these if you have long hair.

Classy top knot style being worn by western men these days.


It can be done on medium hair as well.


Some streaks are making the pony more outstanding than usual.


Good way of wearing the pony with beard.

Messy Pony style is suitable for everyone.


Loose pony style for creating a fashion statement about yourself.

This idea will work for you if you have short hair.


Messy knotted style for long hair.


Classy and modern.


Gorgeous with bangs.


Wrapped around pony idea.black-ponytail-hairstyle-men





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