Be a Princess of Dream by Wearing Flower Crowns 2014

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Beauty is associated with many delicate things such as soft petals of flowers, eternally green leaves and lilies of spring.  It sees that women’s beauty goes hand by hand with the nature’s beauty in view of art, this is why many poets use language of flowers to describe the nature of women- in a drawing if a beastly faced evil is paired with a bouquet of certain flowers such as roses or cornflowers, it could meant a devil is in love with a beauty. Many times the work of art is perceived in a different way from different people, depending on their personal mind set and ability to understand the cypher or codes.



It’s just a human instinct that the creature is well-versed in driving meanings from the artwork- for instance if a girl wears a headband made of roses, it could mean several things such as:
She is playing an adaptation of a fairy from a story that’s been favorite to her since the childhood.

She loves the nature the way it and is clearly wanting to be a part it somehow.

She is trying to express her feelings by wearing the flower crown.

She wants to feel like a princess by wearing flower crown even she knows the reality of difference, somehow she wants to experience living like her, doesn’t matter if it is just for one time.


She might be wearing the flower crown to enhance her beauty which is already more like a queen in disguise- to give herself a pop of energy, she is trying to resort on natural beauty accessories, proving that she’s valuable. Even though she doesn’t have access to all the expensive corsets made of gold or silver or wherein real diamonds are embedded, yet she is very much interested in showing off her charisma by using what’s available- flowers come for a cheap price but add such as elegance to the beauty that makes it princess.


Let’s live a dream of princess all together by wearing flower crowns 2014
The availability of exquisite flower crowns 2014 prove that one doesn’t need to be a real princess in order to live a dream of a princess- these flowers accessories are for everyone from poor to rich to elite to fashionable girls You don’t necessarily have to have a thousand dollars in the pocket to buy accessories in order to adorn the natural beauty because all beauty stores love seeing you become more beautiful so they offer such stuff at a reasonable price.


Trends in flower crowns 2014
There is no special specie of flower or leaves that a flower crown must have except for the brighter and lighter shades together. Too many of pink colored roses can be paired with purple flowers, however, if you are to represent a gloomy past from a historical story you can wear flowers like black dahlia as they don’t have a sad story worthy enough to be passed on to generations from generations.



A lot of modern fellows are wearing flower crowns these days and the thing to notice is that they do is after dying their hair, which is interesting. If you don’t like to dye your hair in pink, violet or green just for the sake of fashion, you can dip dye your hair before wearing any flower crown design of 2014. It’s not obligatory though, going with the trends is good always- it still depends on your personal choice.






flower-crown-auburn-hair flower-crown-ash-brown-hair2014




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