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One of my friends told me that she adapted a character of winter fairy; she was confused when it came to choosing the hair color. At first she thought that the gray would do it because it can compliment with the icy theme of the winter, but she did not dye her hair yet before consulting her friends who were used to with the semi-permanent hair dyes.  She chose to wear pretty pastel purple hair dye instead of gray because it has a soothing appeal to lend.

When we talk about pastel hair dyes, we must not forget that shades of purple such as violet, lilac, gray pastel, indigo and light purple can do magic with your appearance only if you know how to keep the color light and cherishing, according to the skin tone. For extra fair skin, the hair stylists are recommending light and dark pastel purple hair dyes.After reviewing so many girls and hair style trends, I have come up with some pretty pastel purple hair styling ideas that you will definitely love to check out.Mind that you will find so many pretty pastel purple hair color throughout this year, however, the ones I am sharing are way better because they are well-suited for the skin tone of the models.

Famous Pastel Purple hairstyling idea

This updo got very popular as seen as it appeared in the Magazine, this celebrity has chosen to wear a nice lilac color and showed in a great style to prove that hair dyes cannot harm your reputation in terms of fashion sense if you choose to wear the right shades for your complexion.

Kelly purple hairstyles 2015

Dip Dying contrast with pastel

Some like to go for dip dying technique in which two or three colors are dyed on hair regardless of their length and texture. Hair is first divided into different sections and each one is dyed differently, the one below is shinning and colorful because the theme is considered for the dipping technique, which is very important part of hair dying.

glossy purple hair color women 2015

Bouncy curls in pastel purple hairstyling ideas

If you keep your hairstyle light and bouncy you will get this highly structured, thick hairstyle which will just make you look wonderful no matter how thin or thick your hair is.
purple hair dye for curls 2015

Simple Pastel Bangs

It’s not easy to make some hairdos all the time, sometimes you are better not to try anything instead going simple in freshly dyed hair would get you nice applauses provided that you keep the makeup beautiful to make your face a focal point.

purple grey hair idea women 2015

Gray blue with the pastel in bob

I love this bob very much, though she seems to be appearing a messy, bed style locks but they are not giving an odd effect because they are sumptuous and dyed in a good contrast of gray, purple and blue.
purple hair dye for short hair 2015

Vintage style in pretty pastel purple

Though women of old times used to wear these rolls as they are on natural black hair but today we have plenty of shades to try, it’s a fun job to add a modern touch the old style and create your own trend to make everyone your true follower.

purple topknots women 2015

Two toned high pony for modern girls

There are two tones; one if the light and one is the dark, it’s called family dip dying technique.

lilac ponytail women 2015

The Fantasy girl wearing pastel purple locks

The fantasy girl has seemingly kept her makeup light but her contacts are making a good match with long locks.

purple hair color teenage girls 23015

Trendy and unique braid with robin’s blue and purple shades

It’s rare to see such an unusual contrast today, let’s admit that it’s different but not awkward in any way. It proves that playing with different shades would sometimes turn out to be impressive provided that you do it right.

pastel purple blue hair do 2015

The Disco girl with nice purple cropped hairstyle

This special hairstyle is easy to be copied, use a nice semi-permanent lilac to give a nice color to bangs and then wear some light makeup with it for a party.
light purple layers 2015

Kind of Gray in contrast with lilac shade

It’s good ombre of two which will make you special and attractive.

lilac layers women 2015

Ultra modern messy high pony in pastel purple

It’s a kind of messy pony which is comfortable though a bit high.

purple ponytail 2015

Special cocktail party updo in nice shade

You can wear it for the cocktail parties where all women usually pulled their hair on the side or back to make the most of the night of course nobody wants to maintain or brush their hair many times during party so a style done neatly with all the hair tied in is considered ideal for the occasion.
purple pastel topnot 2015

I hope you have enjoyed exploring and reading about these pastel purple hairstyling ideas, you can create yours to look unique, these ideas will help you in selecting a hairdo though.

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