I love purple jumpers because they look very beautiful during cold winter days, you can opt for different hues of the same color family to suit yourself.

Choosing the right color of jumper and cardigans is very tricky. Such clothing articles are often expensive so it’s important to make a collection of nice colors. Buying too bright colors of jumpers may not worth it because you might not get a chance to wear them in daily life. Whether it is a formal meeting with a client or an evening party in town, you should be wise enough to wear right colors for the occasion or else you will be considered as a fashion nerd.

As we know there are a lot of colors of purple such as lilac, blue-violet, mahogany, violet, deep purple, indigo and palpitated purple, so you need to choose the right one that fits your complexion, personality, and figure. Not every shade of purple can match with your physique and skin tone- the darker shades are rather better than lighter shades.

If  you really want to invest your money to the right direction, you should pick on good style and color of jumpers. As it is already winter and everyone essentially needs to make a huge collection of sweater, free style jumpers, cardigans, and sheepskin coats, so colors do matter because they can make or break your impression.

Street Style Inspiration: Pairing purple jumper with leather pants and suede boots

palpitated purple jumper for winterStyling highlights and focusing more on accessories

ombre waves:street style

black leather pants

black briefcase style bag

 As far as, the best shade of purple is concerned, your best choice could be either violet or palpitated purple because both shades are close to black. These shades are dark, soothing, and professional. If you buy, for instance, one article of violet jumper to wear over your t-shirt or cardigan, you can pair it up with so many neutral colors easily such as pastel pink, grey, white, and orange. But the selection has to be done according to the event you want to attend to- for parties, you can pair your jumper with bright orange or pink pants, wearing it with a pair of jeans would also be a good decision. It’s more about your personal taste and desire. You can add more excitement in your look by wrapping a pink or white scarf across your neck with palpitated purple jumper. Leather pants always stay in fashion, however, those who can’t afford a pair of leather pants can wear PVC to get the same impression.



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