Here is one quick updo to try

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Do you want to learn how to do a quick updo at home in few minutes? This is a step by step tutorial on an updo that is easy to do and attempt. You can do it anywhere with ease for special occasions such as parties, prom, formal dates, and business meetings. The finish of updo is itself very professional. You will enjoy doing it yourself because you don’t need to be a hair expert to make a sleek hairdo just like hot TV or Hollywood Stars.

The easiest and quickest updo is halo, twisting two twisted strands over each other. This one does not take much time and effort because everyone is good in twisting hair. Some women like it as it while others curl their hair or make some patterns on the open hair in order to complete the style. The use of hair accessories is also good when you are sure you can handle it quite easily. This should be tried on important events and parties because you don’t want to wear a hair piece with gemstones to office unless the gems are very small.

Step Number 1: Divide your hair in two sections and brush it thoroughly. Backcomb your hair from bottom to roots.

 comb-backed hair

Step Number 2: Pin up your hair. You must not care about the messy finish, it will make you more beautiful

pin up your updo

Step Number 3: Now take a small section of hair from the right side and twist it. Now pin it up tightly beneath the updo. You need to do the same with the small section of hair from the left side.

Step Number 4: You need to cross twisted strings of hair onto each other like this. 

Step Number 5: fix your bottom curls and you are ready for the party

final updo with twisted braid

I hope you have enjoyed this quick updo tutorial which can be done very easily even without any practice.


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