Get edgier by wearing Quiff hairstyles

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In appearance and texture, long spikes are similar to quiff hairstyles and Mohawk but in real they are quite different. What are quiff hairstyles and what kind of guys should sport them? If you have a broad round, fascinating oval, and somewhat fat face, you can give yourself an edgy appeal by wearing a top quiff hairstyle.
You need to apply some wax on your hair for styling long quiffs, your hair don’t have to be cut in layers for the design but it must have some fine texture otherwise your style won’t last for longer.

If you are traveling out of city or going to be get into a long distance drive, your quiff hairstyle should be set with great care and attention. To make your sure you need to do the following steps:
First off wash your hair properly with a good shampoo
Use moderate amount of conditioner on the hair and do not forget to brush your hair to keep your ends straight and silky
Men with silky hair may have hard time getting quiff in an upward or fast forward pattern as compared to men that have somewhat thin and rough hair. So if your hair is very straight in the texture, don’t use conditioner because it needs to be a little stiff for the styling.
A lot of men blow dry their hair for creating messy quiff hairstyles, you don’t need to do it because it will make your style somewhat clumsy afterwards.
Use styling wax when hair is not very damp and wet and keep brushing, if you want your quiff to last for several hours you can use mousse instead.
Setting the position of the quiff is utmost important when styling yourself, on your own. Now take a deep breathe and study your face; if you haven’t ever tried quiff hairstyles before, it’s vital to practice beforehand to get rough idea as how would you look in real. Most people go for long Mohawk quiffs when they wear razor cut layers, long ones. If your hair is rather short on the sides and longer in the middle then your quiff hairstyle must be focused on the portion with healthy and long hair. I am sure you are getting my point here.

Men usually have massive hair in the center rather than on the sides- let’s say you are side-cut or undercut but have big bangs which are side-parted, it would be quite easy for you to get a quiff hairstyle on it.

For making healthy, fine quiffs on hair, you must brush your hair in the direction where you want your bangs to flow or point, it could be upward, fast forward and bit up in the air like a Mohawk. Take more ideas on quiff hairstyles by reviewing the images.

Check these inspirations to get ideas on making your own quiff at home.

sideview of quiff haircut

This is more like a nature quiff that has been resulted by thorough brushing. Use hair conditioner on the hair and avoid making it greasy in order to have this style.

quiff on long hair bangs

Brush the hair in one direction, use fingers to set the waves to the same direction you are brushing. Set the waves through fingers and you will have this style.quiff hairstyle idea for long hair

When hair is long and thick like this, you should try using gel for the styling to handle the length of th

e bangs.

quiff haircut with side shaving

Repeat the styling process and use blow drier to get this quiff type pompadour.
quiff haircut idea

This has been created out of spikes, you can do the same.

quiff hair with waves for men

This is a great quiff styling idea for businessman.

quiff hair styling idea for businessmen

Regular styling.

quiff hair idea with long bangs

This will require you to work some extra minutes on the hair, separating the layers to get several quiffs.

modern quiff hairstyles

This is simple and stylish.

hippie quff hair idea

Love this fully textured quiff on long bangs.beautiful quiff


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