Rachael Taylor Hairstyling! Learn to style Blonde Bangs

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Rachael ‘s hairstyles are popular but you will be surprised to hear that many are also curious to know what her height is. She was born in Tasmania in 1984. She is mainly known for playing a role in Transformers of 2007.

In 2014, she appeared in a horror movie named See No Evil, well I have seen it and I am not much impressed by the story line in any way, I wish it could compete with The Conjuring which is said to have a mix of true and fictional story.

Rachael Taylor height is 5’8”, an ideal height I guess.  She is naturally white with blonde hair, all these features make her a perfect beauty to our eyes. She is very conscious about her physical diet as well as appearance so she keeps herself on the workout almost all the time to look slimmer and more beautiful.

Let’s review her hairstyling techniques.

Blonde Streaking shortest cut

Sometimes it is very comfortable to wear some short tresses like this on your hair. The base color has got a touch of black color whereas there are different blondish colors on the top. The cut is very sleek and defined because it has no messiness at all.

Rachael Taylor short bob fringe

Party Look:

She is showing that you don’t always need to wear waves in order to look your best for a party, you can instead treat your bangs with the straightener to show off the beauty of layers.

Rachael Taylor retro style bob

The Girly Band:

This is my favourite look because it is very girly and beautiful. Pull all the shaggy bangs back in a ponytail and don’t let anything fall into your eyes while you intend to go for a morning walk or jogging as a part of daily routine.

Rachael Taylor high hairdo

Nice Partition:

You want some side-flows in your look because it’s a windy day and you really want to feel some energy, I guess this look will make you very comfortable in the air.

Rachael taylor center cropped cut

Messy-messy bangs:

Who says that your hair must be brushed finely for all occasions? Isn’t it better to have some messy appearance for special nights, it would be natural as well.

Rachael Taylor blond layer cut

Solid Style:

The length of the cut is very appropriate, it’s medium, slightly above the shoulder line. Some golden and brown shades have been added for giving a twist to the hairstyle.

Rachael shoulder length bob

I have seen many Rachael Taylor hairstyling and cuts, I will admit that she looks wonderful when she comes in short version because her face is slim so the short cut accentuate the face shape by covering it from all the sides.

Just in case you are interested in getting a nice haircut for your slim face, you can review all haircuts of Rachel Rachael hairstyling to get an idea.



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