Red Brown Hair Color Idea for Men

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It’s understandable if you think you cannot keep wearing the same brown hair color you have been wearing for five years. You are getting bored of your ‘All-time-same’ look because it is not making you satisfied from the inner side. You have crossed your 20’s but it does not make you to go for the mature fashion yet there is something screeching inside you, telling you that you are still young enough to try the unusual hair colors such as red, purple and violet. You also know that you will not wear the color for the rest of the life, but you intend to do the change for the time being, to make yourself feel better about yourself.

I know the Internet is not short of ideas- you can easy find a cool red hair color idea 2015 for men if you search for an hour but nobody will give you an illustration of the haircut that must complement the color along the way to give a perfect transformation to the face.

In order to harmonize the facial features and the skin tone with any hair color, you first need to assess or check your skin- for pulling off reds it must be cool- it means your skin should be fair or pale with a pink undertone or else you are totally wasting your time by thinking for a change. It won’t worth it.

The Chinese men wear the classiest haircuts as well as the Korean men, I am giving you a short visual illustration on red brown hair color idea for men, it will also help you understand as what kind of haircut you need to have to bring out the best of your facial’s x-factors.

Notice that his hair is not entirely in a sharp red tone though his complexion is very fair. The cutting is done in a good way to cover the forehead area only because his eyes are small. The cut is very appropriate for his long and healthy face.

Asian inspired hair color men 2015

This is the side view of the cutting to clearly give you an idea of some points given in the cut. Hair is very short on the ear and then the length is above shoulder behind the ear. More points can be ad

ded on demand.

Long red sideburns men

I am sharing this nice red brown hair color idea for men because it has some nice points in the cutting, just in case you are looking for a very different style this could be your best bet.

red hair color idea men 2015

The cutting is also creating a kind of natural volume on the hairstyle itself. So when you get your hair done, ask him if it will create some bouncy effect upon brushing because this is what you need in your finish style.


sideview men haircut

Back view of red brown hair is very simple, all the edges are cropped cut.wispy haircut backview



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