Berry red hair color for teenage boys

Dying your hair as a man is very tricky because there are too many limitations out there when it comes to changing the hair color, unlike women you have to do fashion in a restricted environment because you work in offices and meet with professional people of the society where everything odd is considered taboo. For instance if you are working as a management director of a travel and tourist company which operates internationally you are not allowed to dye your hair in blue or get a haircut which is too odd to be a sensible individual of the society. To survive without being bullied in the society you need to be careful with what you do to do your hair and what you wear as a man.

Try Rustic shades

Coloring your hair in blue or rustic shades would make others to mock on you, people would stop by to make fun of you unless you are living in an enriched punk culture or community where people do mind if your hair is black other than violets and blues.

Color for complexion

Some men just like women are seemingly having a big trouble with their skin tone and hair- some are born with the cool skin tone which is pale yet red underneath, they grow with weird hair color such as red, orange or light brown which doesn’t even compliment the face. With their red hair they end up dying their hair with different shades but in the end they admit that it’s good to use red on red to enhance the color as well as the texture of the hair. Even this is not the case , you can still dye your hair in red. I am writing this post on red hair color ideas for men by guessing that many men want to use the red color but they don’t know as which one specific shade would be good enough to give them a change.

Natural red brown coloring idea

Nobody should be surprised to know that teenage boys can wear any color with ease because they are comfortable with the idea of looking distinctive if not completely different. This boy is wearing an asymmetrical front cut on his not truly red hair. The cool thing is the shade is very natural.

Berry red hair color for teenage boys

Finger Waves red brown hair ideas for boys

We have tens of shades available in red, for instance this one has a brown in it which is good for his complexion. You can try his style which is done in the old way- curling through the iron and making some corrugated patterns.

brown red retro waves men

Red hair ideas for boys with rolled back style

Sometimes I wonder if man was ever allowed to use hair accessories on the hair he would not have been shy of trying crystal beading hair pieces for the style. Now this man is wearing a cool reddish brown hair which is styled in a kind of bump through twisting and brushing back techniques.
Red brown hair for men

All the layers fall over eyes

This shade is rather natural than blunt, also notice that the his hair is in a perfect condition. This is good coloring idea for teenagers.

Red embers dyes for bangs of men

Cherry shade on the center curls only
Sherry red streaks for hair men

Red on pointed styleVelvet red men hair colors


There are many shades of red frankly such as scarlet red, cherry red, mahogany and deep red, the color you’d choose for your hair type would depend what your ethnicity and age is, for instance the Asian boys wear all lights and bright reds because they own a fair skin tone-any Korean above 25 does not mess with the sharp shades because it would be odd for his age of course. There are many red hair color ideas for men, sometimes the color is used in the front bang only, sometimes it is used on the front hair as streaks and sometimes the entire hair is dyed in it.


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