cherry red hair idea

Hardly 3% of female society is born with natural red hair tone yet lots of hearts are envy on those actresses who wear red hair shade during the peak summer time. Red, plum or violet is not a summer shade solely but girls love these shades as they know they will look completely different if they dye their hair in unique hair colors.  If you are one of those ladies who love to switch hair just to update look and to take full advantage of seasonal trends, you may want to choose the shade that is right for your skin tone. Not all British women can carry red hair in an ethical manner, once dyed, hair might need intense amount of care and after maintenance, for which most of working ladies don’t have time.  Before you pick as your long time hair color, you must consider the following points and take few things into consideration:

  1. Whether my natural hair tone will merge properly with new red shade?
  2. Can I really carry shades of red?
  3. Will it suit my skin tone and complexion?
  4. Am I ready to accept the change that hair coloring will bring off?
  5. Will I be able to set off with new red hair color shade ideas?
  6. Will my friends compliment me for getting new hair color?
  7. Am I ready to carry red shades even if I am reckless or busy?
  8. Will I have enough time to maintain the color?
  9. Can I visit saloon regularly to get my hair trimmed just to save the life of hair shade?
  10. Will I remain conscious about caring and hydrating my red hair?

A lot of women don’t realize how a redhead is generally thought off in the society- blunt, sharp, and frumpy are few common words used for ladies who wear neon. All you need is to look for some red hair color ideas to get a insight on which one would be perfect for you.  If you wish to differentiate yourself from rest of your friends and everyone else in the college, your red shade must have to be a fantastic pick or else you couldn’t be able to get the desired impression.

Once you have decided to get your hair dyed in red hair shade, cast away all the negative thoughts coming to your mind and start preparing to color your hair. Let me tell you what unique red hair shade ideas are and what colors are being picked by majority of women.

red balayage hair idea

In natural tone.

natural red hair ideas

Brown red hair shade ideas: These shades are subtle, shinning and very comfortable to wear as they get a hint of brown shade at large. Pick such dark shades if you are an Asian or if you are born with a dark skin.

dark brown brown red hair idea

brown red hair idea

Cherry red hair shade ideas: I am sure you clearly remember the shade of those beautiful cherries that you once used to steal from a garden nearby, from a freshly grown tree of spring or winter. Cherry red hair shades are as sweet and as natural as real bunch of cherries that you have ever tasted. Just be confident when you dye your hair in cherry red shade and keep flaunting throughout the college campus with a decent expression of pride on your face as your inner beauty becomes too fold when you embrace nature in it.

cherry red hair idea

This beautiful blunt fringe has been dyed in classy cherry color.

cherry red hair idea

Another red red hair idea for girls

Dark red hair shades:  If you are born with brown or black hair, you can’t expect to get sharp neon style hair color. You won’t get it unless you bleach your hair to the light tone like blonde, white or grey. My suggestion is to stick with your natural tone, give it a twist and a bit of vibrancy by dying in it any dark red hair shade. Red tresses are very uncommon these days; you can try getting these tresses to look modern and different. It’s your wish.

natural red hair idea

Violet red hair shade ideas: I am sure you have noticed some runway models wearing violet red hair and felt yourself amazed as how come their hair is so glossy and so beautiful, above all very natural. The secret of their hair beauty lies in natural red shades. But they choose some unusual colors in red such as violet red or burgundy red, some also choose to get fire red which is more of orange in the impression.

purple red hair idea


Ginger Red Hair  shades:  These shades are different, sometimes they look similar to orange blonde colors that you get in the market, but upon a close observation they look different. If you have ever dyed your hair in orange blonde, you will know what clear difference between ginger red and orange blonde is. Despite of having a slight hint of orange in it, ginger red seems a unique hair color of 2013 because of the fact that results are unmatchable. Nobody could ever be able to guess your hair unless you let the cat out of the bag yourself.

orange red hair idea

Dark and Warm: Glossy red hair shade always looks fantastic on all skin tones- dark and light. No matter what your skin complexion is and what ethnicity you belong to, dark red hair shade will complement you in an epic manner.

natural hot red hair idea

Natural Red hair  shades :  Nothing is trendier than natural red hair color. You can make several styles without fear of losing the hair tone after ironing and that you can set your hair differently each time for seasonal occasions. Make curls, rolls, chignons, up do, braids and anything that your heart craves for.

deep cherry red hair idea















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