Retro Braids of 1950s-1960s

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I was watching Bette Davis’ s popular movie last night, named All About Eve (1950), which was basically all about theater and the jealously existed between actresses.  It was a good movie though but I felt inspired by their hairstyle. Marylin Monroe played a small in the movie but was looking more like a glamorous girl of the time. Of course, Marilyn is one name that is always associated with the old movies when they relate to glamor, stars, sex, romance, and deception. I was inspired to see how the actresses of 1950s had their hair styled in braids that would look sophisticated. Perhaps it was in 50s trends to braid your hair for a long time period so that not to look messy throughout the movie.  All the actresses had their braid styled in a good position, according to their face shape, accommodating the facial features. Bette Davis was instead in retro curls that were created at the bottom section of the hair, it might have been very pathetic for her and the makeup artists to maintain the rolls throughout the movie act.

Today’s article is not a review on All About Eve and the actresses, it’s more of an insight as how old actresses would wear their hair during 1950s and 1970s. Not to mention that hairstyling trends originate from Hollywood actresses and from those who are popular in some way in the fashion fields. For instance, in the today’s world, Kim Kardashian is a big fashion model, whatever she does is adored by all the fashionable women. In the same way, the old actresses of 1950s used to set trends for average class ladies to elite group fashion models.


These retro braids which are specifically inspired by old movies and vintage photos are known as retro braids of 1950s-1960s, simply because they speak for the fashion of old times when hairstyling wasn’t as diverse as it is today but it was still impressive to the eyes.  Women of old times used to have long, lush hair as they would not necessarily put their hair under the knife to get a short hair done unless it was required for special performances. Sometimes, short cuts were only be considered by those working in movies and televisions. All typical house wives and fashionable ladies would keep long hair, however, they would try to adapt to new fashion by styling their hair in braiding hairstyles to get an attractive impact.  Check out some of the retro braiding hairstyles of 1950s-1960s to learn how women of old times would do their hair for special events without having to have hair cut below the shoulder length.

These are some of the retro braids that have inspired and impressed me a lot, I hope they will help you get your next braid idea.

She is wearing some cool bangs on forehead along with a crown French braid, which is a good combination.

braid hairstyles 1960

The classy retro braid.

1970s retro braid hairstyle

One of my favorite retro braids where some loose curls fall behind the braid itself.

vintage braid hairstyle idea

Some hair is pinned up in sections with this braid.

retro braid hairstyle 1950s

Love this princess inspired retro braid of 1950s.retro braid with ponytail

I hope you have liked these cool retro braid hairstyling ideas.


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