Ripped Pants for women

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The idea of wearing ripped pants on the street may seem like a complete insane thing that may cause others to think of you someone from a weird culture even when you are not. Maybe you haven’t understood the fashion yet and as far as we know it we can tell you proudly that fashion is all what you want. If Kristen Stewart can wear ripped pants and exposed her thigh skin underneath, the question is why can’t you? It is not about showing off your body or skin to the people, it is more about making a statement out there.  Surprisingly, what you will see is ripped pants with exposed leggy in fashion 2014. There are more surprises for everyone loves following latest fashion so let’s get ready.
There are three different ways to make slots in the pants and these are as follows:
Wear your pants as they are and make small slits using a sharp knife or pair of scissor.
Press your pants on a high heat and let the iron work on the few small parts, the fabric on the areas will get rough after getting burnt, now your job is to make few cuts here as there to create tiny slots.
The third way to get your pants ripped instantly is marking the locations where you want to get small slits and then use a blade and cut softly, make sure to do is slow to save your finger from getting injured during the process.
I would like to mention that there are ladies who are making ripped pants with exposed leggy in fashion 2017.  They wear a patterned leggy underneath the pants such as fishnet or simple net or crossed net, you can choose your pattern yourself. Major slots are cut on the thigh area right at the knee bone to expose the leggy. The whole idea of cutting the pants and exposing the patterned leggy underneath is just awesome, you will like it so will your friends only if your mind is opened to controversies.

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