Rocker Boy Hair Color Ideas

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I am seriously amused by latest generation, particularly of rocker boy hair color ideas because they are kind of out of prescribed fashion limit. Boys are wearing bolder hair color now, it seems they are brave to do whatever it takes to look awesome.

Have you ever thought of trying bold hair colors on your natural hair just like women do? I am sure you haven’t because we all know that hair chalks and hair paints are just for amateur women. Why only women are allowed to try bold hair colors while men of the 21st century are still having a strong sense of fashion? Well this might remain a question forever. It’s assumed that men should look as natural as they can because they might lose their beauty of impression if they would try wearing womanish hair color. It’s a conception that bold colors mess up with their strong masculinity by interrupting their natural men-like look.  This is true though, I believe that hair coloring should be taken more as an art than fashion. It’s not about which color you apply on your hair just to keep up with the fashion, it’s more about how you present yourself in it while not looking over-fashionable or irrational in your choice.

So if you are too considering hair coloring as an art like me and have a desire to do some harmless experiments with your hair, here are some good ideas for you. These pictures are more than just bold hair color ideas if you look into them closely as the hair design in each image has a pattern to it.  The usual hair cuttings presented are as follows; shags, crew cut, long buzz cut, long layers, side cut, messy cut and layers.

 Have a look at these rocker boy hair color ideas:

Rocker boy quiff

Look a this very stylish rocker boy pompadour which has nicely rolled hair. The side hair is shaved completely and is of in its original shade, but the quiff has been maintained with two colors, teal and blue.

rocker boy sky blue pompadour

Neon Highlights Rocker boy

Blue, light blue and lime greens are used to give highlights on the black hair. All together the combination seems to be standing out very well.

rocker boy hair color ideas

Rocker Boy Greasy green

The side shaved hair is dyed along side the bangs and then they are styled perfectly in a look.


Pink Mania:

There has been a growing mania for pink among boys, this one example is the only inspiration you can have, there are many men wearing pastels as well.


Game boy Maroon hair

I like this color because it has kind of grace and naturalism I always seek. The cut is very stylish with nice bangs falling on the face.


Punk Boy blue hair color

This color is not odd though it would not suit all face types and complexions you’d better pick the appropriate shade of blue for your skin tone.

Punk boy black bangs:

You don’t have to change your hair color to make this style, this is fairly simple and easy to understand.


Rocker boy pastel hair color

I don’t recommend this hair color to any middle aged men because this is very close to actual grey that you get when you get old.

rocker by grey hair color

Rocker men with chrome bangs

There is a also a slight hint of chrome grey or copper in the bangs. You can pick your shade.

rocker men chrome hair bangs

Rocker boy rolling pompadour

I personally like this style for its point cutting and edginess, you can see that hair is thicker at the back even it is kept short in length.

rocker boy sky blue hair color idea

I hope you liked these rocker boy hair color ideas if you want to give any suggestion you can always approach us.


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