Rocker Hairstyles for men of Modern Times

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Earning respect as the best sportsman has always been a dream of men; they want to make carve their identity in bold writing everywhere, on the posters and banners. Though David Beckham has already become famous for his hairstyle, outfits, and tattoos but not all sportsmen are lucky like he is. So if anyone wants to get some media attention, not only for the field they are working in but also for their looks, they must try out some rocker hairstyles to get a boost.

In other words, it’s not your profession what gets you fame but also your style, way of adapting unique trends, and coming up with some solid fashion ideas. What are rocker hairstyles for men and what difference would it make to your typical boy outlook. Just like hippies, rocker boys are thought to be a group of culture, related to subculture of motorbikes which originated in 1950s in United Kingdom. Today, rocker haircuts are not only sported by rocker boys only but they are also being carried by modern guys who want to have plumes of colors or hues to feel more confidence.

When you adopt something different, you have to face critics and sometimes you are called ‘fashion extremist.’ It doesn’t bother you as long as you know whatever you are doing it harmless and acceptable. It’s not that only girls should change their hair color every month or season, it’s also something boys should do as well whenever they feel bore of same black or dark brown hair color. It’s good if you have already been in sports for a long time, you can get more attention if you focus more on your haircut and change the way ordinary guys wear their hair. Someone from somewhere has to bring forth new ideas for the sake of men’s hairstyles trends.  Check out these rocker hairstyles to feel amazed and inspired of new looks that you can, too, wear with pride.

Energetic Bowl Cut Front

The rocker style does not always mean shaggy, messy haircut in which bangs fall over the eyes or the face, instead it could also mean some unique cutting pattern with color highlights, one example is shown below. The front part is being cropped up and given a bowl cut. To add attraction to the black hair, some red colored highlights have been given to all the style from front to back.

bowl cut rocker hairstyle men

Check out these rocker hairstyles for men of the 21st century that you can don with pride and comfort.

Shaggy, brushed forward style

This haircut is very much in a good symmetry because the front section of hair is creating some layers whereas all the back hair is cropped cut which is adding a glamorous factor to the facial appearance.

long side layered rocker haircut men


Spikes in the middle and bangs on the front:

This is a duo in one cut, there is long cut and a short cut which is unusual though but not odd.

dark brown double cut men


Bold Medium Cut for curly hair

Sometimes the best way to control your long curls is to have them cut shorter in length and set them free. Though the model has used a styling gel to set some finger waves but you can set yours free just in case it’s just another regular day that will go without any meeting.

curly haircut rocker boy



Caesar in medium cut

The hair in the center of the head is making a big spike, pointing at 90 degrees. The rest of hair is brushed to the left, making a pointed style on the face.


chopped caesar cut men


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