Sculpted Bob Hairstyles with Points

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The bob cut remains one of the hottest hair cuts of  all time. Looking through the history, you’ll discover that vintage bob cuts was once considered the glamorous hairstyle option for modern celebrities and top models that time. The cut is short though, a lot of effort goes into figuring out the right angular bob for a certain face shape. There are various types of bob cut projections but I am going to discuss few ones here.

 Sculpted Bob hairstyles with zero projection: The zero projection sculpted bob is very popular, the hair is cut at an equal length at the nape as well as at the crown of the front head. However, sometimes the the lengths from the nape are rather shorter from the lengths on the head. This is done so to give more volume to the head so that the cut may look healthy and rich in texture. The maximum weight builds up on the head area, it is also called weight line bob cut. Now for the line, there is no define shape except that the shape or sculpture could be in a shape that the wearer wants to wear such as diagonal, curved, horizontal, or combination of there of.





Wedge or Stacked bob cut: This one cut is known for its projection and elevation, the hair is lifted thoroughly in a certain angle from zero degrees to 45 degrees depending on the length.

The graduation look is achieved by pressing the hair, the minimal project is normally zero degrees before pressing the hair but it may go higher depending on the setting. Again, wedge sculpted bob cut can be created in a define shape such as horizontal, curved, straight, or diagonal.




Layers with sculpted bob hairstyles: This one can have more than three projections as it can be set at different angles such as 0, 45 and 90 degrees. The 90 degrees projection may be tough to achieve, but mostly it is done by arranging the uniform layers of the bob cut in arrangements. In certain cases, the basic form line is set in  a round  shape. The other variation of the same bob is called varying layered bob as the uniform base line could or could not be equal in length. It could be chopped off or in an irregular cut.




When you consider getting a sculpted bob, you must make sure that it can make a nice match with your hair type and facial structure, your stylist can give a nice advice on this.


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