Most Beautiful Selena Gomez Hairstyles that Anybody Can Pull off!

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Selena Gomez is focusing more on giving herself a revolutionary look these days by changing her hairstyles more frequently. One best element to note about her personality is that she rarely gives any importance to changing her natural hair color which is glossy black. It’s just a natural for a celebrity like Selena Gomez to get her hair dyed over and over again, but unlike some pop singers she doesn’t want to sacrifice the originality of her beautiful and natural look by going for it. She has had colored her hair in several colors but they were always natural and had never lent her personality an artificial impression at all.

Selena Gomez has become a big fashion impression due to her natural and subtle hairstyles selection and this is what making her fans to feel more intense about her. Nonetheless, she is as beautiful as she in real is with makeup, so I guess her hairstyles and makeup are big inspiration for those ladies and girls like who prefer to be more natural than odd or clumsy.

Let’s talk about Selena Gomez’s hairstyles which are most beautiful, unique and attractive from all the angles:

Formal  waves of Selena Gomez: The girl wears all types of waves that exist in the industry. Sometimes she is seen with big long luscious locks which give a beautiful appeal to her round-face structure. She usually wears formal mid-parted and side-parted waves; the partition of the hair doesn’t matter a lot to her because she knows, she is going to rock in the end by supporting wavy locks. Her hairstyle techniques can be replicated by anyone at home using the right tools such as wax, hot rollers, smoothing spray and clips. Her wavy hairstyles can accommodate about any face shape such as diamond, long, oblong and round. If your face is oval, you need to make slight alterations in your waves, for instance, the upper portion of the hair should be set with more focus because too dense waves can overcome your face features.

She has tied her waves in  a ponytail here

funky ponytail selena gomez


Casual long wavy Selena Gomez Hairstyles:

Over the past few years, she seems to be more in love with casual waves that have some sort of movements and flexibility, that’s why she refrains from using too much hair sprays after getting the hair done. Waves without movements can’t be said waves- they should move, gush here and there, and flow up and down like water waves. If you will use too much of spray they will stick to a position, losing all the beauty they could show. To get perfect casual waves like Selena you need to trim your hair first and then create some waves lending it a healthy feel.

Gomez hair waves

Selena Gomez’s Formal long straight Hairstyles:

Selena  is blessed with refined dark brunette locks which are easy to maintain and set through a regular blow-drying technique of fifteen minutes. In haircuts, she mostly prefers layers and feathers instead of shags so she definitely needs to get her trimmed once a week for maintenance.   She loves to wear hair over the shoulder or few inches below. Her love for the layered haircut has a reason and sense that’s her hair is very silky, smooth yet difficult to pin up.

selena fringe cut

Selena Gomez Layer cut

Formal updo of Selena:

She has worn many updos to the date but one that never gets out of my mind is shown in the image below; look how beautiful, graceful, and innocent she was in her teens.

Selena slickback updo


Selena’s braided hair: She loves braided hairstyle just like any fashion conscious teenage girl but she never overdoes thing- if she wants to wear a braid, it will definitely be simple yet distinctive.

selena gomez side braid

Permed hairstyle of Selena: Sometimes she sports loosely permed hairstyles on events just to get a changed look because people have begun to believe that she will wear waves throughout her life on fashion shows and Red Carpet. To change misconceptions about her haircuts that people have made up, she is not now trying to appear in versatile hairdos but all are still in either black or brown hair color. She can’t simply compromise with her hair beauty and health by changing it to blonde, auburn, or ash blonde or blue color. Though she sometimes adds streaks but now a big fan of colored hairdos!

selena permed hair

 Bob of Selena: I must say that Selena Gomez might have a hard time in pinning up her silky, long hair to a  bob hairstyle but she had it done successful by a stylist.Bravo!

selena gomez bob


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