Some trendy senior bridesmaids Hairstyles

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More vintage looks usually work best with junior bridesmaids, since they have thick hair and it is age appropriate. Here are some classical looks that can work wonders for junior bridesmaids. Be sure to use heat protecting sprays for some of these techniques.
Some gorgeous senior bridesmaids hairstyles ideas
You can never go wrong with updos. Not only are they vintage looking but they allow, the junior bridesmaids to show off their dresses.

Vintage rings for senior bridesmaid

Flower is formed in the down bun.

Updo for senior bridesmaid

The coolest twist I have ever seen.twisted topknot for senior bridesmaids
Soft Curl Updo hairstyles for senior bridesmaid
To achieve this look, spiral big hair sections around a curling iron, to attain the soft curls. Make sure to brush through the hair gently to loosen the curls and make them soft. Tease the hair to give it more volume. Let some strands loose at the front of your hair to make the updo seem more relaxed. For the updo itself, divide the hair into sections and knot the sections. Secure knot as well as loose ends with bobby pins and hairspray. Decorate the do with hair accessories.

sideswept down for senior bridesmaidAn ultra modern bouffant.

Simple bouffant for senior bridesmaid

Messy updo with curls.Messy curls down bridesmaid hairstyles
Soft Curly braided or updo
Similar to the soft curls updo, only instead of knotting the entire hair, leave some lose ends and curl them lightly into a spiral. You can use the bangs to form one big tendril, or have tendrils hanging from the nape of the neck. The tendrils can be thick or thin sections of hair. It all depends on what can suit the wedding’s theme.

mermaid braid for senior bridesmaid
Simple Hairstyles for senior bridesmaid
If the junior bridesmaid’s hair is really short simply just leaving it with minimal styling is best.  This do will work best with simple elegant dresses where less is more.

twisted messy updo for senior bridesmaids

Just the wrapped around high bun.Topknot bun for senior bridesmaids
You can never go wrong with wringlets. Not only is it elegant looking but it’s very easy to style. Make sure to dampen your hair achieve tighter curls. After dividing the hair into section, swirl the sections on a heated rod momentarily before letting them loose. Higher temperatures should work better. The wringlets can also be styled into a half up style to make it more elegant. Optionally, highlight the wringlets with hair accessories.

Vintage rings for senior bridesmaid
Half Up hairstyles for bridesmaid
These dos give you the best of both worlds. They are the second most preferred choice of hairstyle for junior bridesmaids. Like updos they give off an elegant vibe.

side bun for senior bridesmaid
For this hairstyle, prep your hair by loosely curling it. Add texture by using dry shampoo and teasing the crown to fluff it up. Gather hair at the crown and pin it. Optionally you can make this style more elegant by adding a twist to it; Grab the section of your hair over your ear. Divide it into two sections, twist the hair and flop it inside the pinned area after securing with an elastic band; Do the same with your opposite side.

Side braids for senior bridesmaids
The criss cross with micro zillion braids
The twist with this hairstyle is braiding some sections at the crown to give the hair more texture. The rest of the braid is left loose to bend in with the half down hair portion.  The hair is braided individually using two strands to give it a rope effect.

Criss cross with microbraids for senior bridesmaids
Curly Half down with Cornowed front
This hairstyle is similar to the above method only the hair is braided close to the scalp. Better to use if a heavier textured look is desired. The corn rows can optionally be decorated with hair accessories.




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