Shag hairstyle Ideas for Women

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If you spend too much of your time in office or house, working non-stop like a high-end Supersonic Machine that never expires, you probably don’t get few relaxing days off from hectic lifestyle. Sometimes it seems as life is all about going in a cycle- a vicious one which keeps going and going in one direction, all over again. You wake up early in the morning, pay less attention to your appearance and pay more to how to get into the places you need to be before 9:00 A.M. If you have kids to prepare for school or ready, we should say bravo to you for all the efforts, you’re putting into making your life ‘Normal.’  With kids, work, domestic engagements and all the tasks that a woman does after being ‘a house wife’ it is completely understood as why she doesn’t spend plenty of time on fixing the hair tresses that have gotten split ends. It common with all the ladies trying to be a good mother,  a good businesswoman and above all a good part of the societies.
Whereas most websites talk about hairstyles trends for young and teenage girls, there are few which are trying to help working and busy women choose the right cut. If you are one of them, you have come to the right place.  Amongst many haircuts 2014 that you’ll love to wear but can’t simply don due to lack of time, one is shag cut. Shag cut?? That boy-inspired cuts that support shags-long and short ones together in a pattern?   These cuts are for women who are a kind of tomboy, is this what you think? You’d better change the way you think of short hairstyles for women as they are now being sported by many fashionable celebrities- if Anne Hathaway can wear short pixie cut, why can’t you wear one of the trendie short shag hairstyle ideas for women just because you are cute and sassy? Put some confidence in for yourself, you’ll look best only if you want to.
These different variations of shag hairstyles may define your personality by highlighting your face frame. These cuts are ideal for faces which are diamond shape, long, oblong or oval faces, however if you have a broad face, you can, too, wear shags.
There are so many benefits of wearing shag hairstyle- I am emphasizing more on this year’s cuts because they are far different from the cuts of the previous year. The hair is cut in shags of various lengths depending on the face shape, later it is dyed if needed so, if you are wearing black hair even if you are blonde , your hairstylist might want to give a hint of auburn brown color to the hair to make it sleeker than before. The second benefit of wearing short shags is  less maintenance, you won’t have to sit for hours in front of mirrors to tackle your hair, instead you can just brush it back and forth to get little spiky impression on it.

Check out more inspirations of shag hairstyles for women they are projected nicely.
Side-brushed Dark Auburn shag cut- looks like perfect tomboy inspired cut, but don’t overlook the grace and finish of it.

Short platinum shag cut – it’s perfect for women who spend weekend on an extremely tight schedule, meeting with customers and communicating with clients

modern shag hairstyle idea

Shags resting on the front. These shag hairstyle would require reverse brushing-from back to front direction, usually we brush from front to back, right? The side hair is cut little shorter to maintain the grace of the overall cut.

textured shag haistyle

Copper gold shag, the front shags are inspired from bow cut whilst the shag on the side of the head are just kept long so that they can give a support to face frame.

 1960s shag haircut inspiration

Some more ideas that have impressed me a lot. Let’s commemorate the fashion of 1950s and 1960s by reviewing these timeless shag hairstyle ideas.

shortest shag hairstyle

vintage shag hairstyle inspiration

1950s shag haircut

1950s woman wearing shag hairstyle

long shag hairstyling ida

long shag hairstyle idea

shag hairstyle idea for medium hair

shag haircut side view shag cut ideas naughty girl wearing shag haircut

most beautiful shag hairstyle 2016

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