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Surprisingly, I have seen a lot of modern fellows wearing t-shirts with heart- shaped patternon regular days. Wearing t-shirt with red heart or lips on Valentine’s day makes sense as it has a lot to do with the day, to keep the essence of love alive and revive in front of lover, but why on regular days? The only sense the practice makes is that symbols like hearts, kisses and lips aren’t just limited in their sense anymore, if anyone shows off in an apparel symbolizing kisses or hugs, it should be taken more of a fashion than just a presentation.

Why Hearts not other artistic shapes? This question came to mind and here is what I made my assumptions on this new ‘heart or loved inspired apparel fashion’;

  1. Heart symbolizes love with someone else, all ladies, including I and you, are in love with someone else, whether they be parents, kids or someone special.
  2. The symbol of heart is somewhat resembles to our personality for our being so kind, gentle, and pure.
  3. All the best word such as kindness, softness, and delicacy best present nature of women, somewhere all the feelings come from heart, so the symbol has ultimately become one of women’s representative, there is nothing wrong in showing it openly on shirts and pant, right?

There might be other reasons for women than just love and presentation for wearing t-shirts with heart shaped pattern¬†these days and the most sensible reason I could come across is ‘fashion and trend’. Besides having some true meanings to it, the heart symbol t-shirts make women feel more confidence and fashionable perhaps. Let’s enjoy the trend at its best because who knows what happens next, maybe some more symbolic t-shirts approach the market this year.

Here are some trendy, easy to wear t shirts with heart shaped pattern.

Just one big heart in the center, it is lovely.


This one is cool, too.

heart tshirt girls

Just like the one above.

casual heart tshirt girls

It is very trendy.black heart tshirt girl winter heart pattern shirt girls

It has got a studded heart.trendy shirt with heart symbolYou can wear cardigan instead of coat.
cool shirt with heart for girls

It is kind of jersey fabric.shirt with red hearts for girls

If you have been told that heart patterns are good for valentine’s days only, you are misguided because they are good for casual days too when you hang out with close friends. ¬†The shirt would be a good choice if you intent to go on a date with someone special you will not need to express anything in words your dressing would implicate some special messages very secretly.

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