bob braid idea

Short bob hairstyles , post modernism in hair styling is the way to go. And what better way to achieve it than going risqué and wearing a short hairstyles. Get creative, and attain the following gorgeous hairstyles by mixing and matching classics.

They never run out of style. There are now so many newer variations to choose from, now that the bob has been redefined.

Bob with Graphic Edge

Give your bobbed style a sleek look by cutting your fringe at a slanted angle. For those who don’t want to risk messing up their original fringe, hair extensions can be used to achieve this effect. Cut them strategically to get the final look. Glossing and straightening your hair, to match your fringe will give you the best effect.

bob variation with graphic bangs

The hair is straight and slanted.straight bob with braid idea

Unstructured Plunging Bob

Increase your hair’s volume with this gorgeous hairstyle. Attain this look by using both a blow dryer and strategically getting your hair professionally cut. The side fringes are left taller and cut to a point for a more dramatic effect. The back should be gradually be cut shorter to create a circular effect for the hair.

bob braid idea

Exaggerated Fringeombre blonde bob idea

Want to give bobbed hairstyles a wow factor? Instead of trimming your fringes shorter, keep them tall. Trim the remainder of the hair short. It will give your hair a dramatic but soft effect. It’s best to wear this style at more casual events, to bring out your fun side. Sweep your hair over one eye to give you a pop star-like look.

Free Styling short bob hairstyle Variations

These styles scream . They don’t follow any of the older rules. Bring out your inner by wearing these gorgeous short hairstyles.

Short Carefree

It’s best achieved by cutting your hair unevenly. Add drama to this look by keeping the fringe long and swept to one side of the face. Cutting randomly shorter and longer strands gives your hair a more textured look. Styling it with hair gel and other products will add to the organized chaos.

short curly bob idea


Edgy short bob variation

Similar but more structured than the previous style. The short hair cut is divided into sections where the hair is trimmed to a point at each section. Sweeping the sections in one direction allows your hair to play with metaphor.

structured grey bob idea

Remixing Other Old Classics

When it comes to shorter hair, the buzz cut and pixie are well known classics. But why not add the 2013 flare by remixing old classics?

Page Pixie another variation of short bob hairstyles 

Want to bring out your creative side this year. Blend two haircuts together. By donning the full fringe from the page boy hair cut, and mixing it with the classical short texture of a pixie cut. You can have the best of both worlds. Bring in a yin yang element to your hair and make it look gorgeous.

chopped bob idea

Some cool short bob hairstyle variations to try

This hairstyle is perfect short red hair. The hair at the sides of the head is finely cut. The finely cut hair is then transitioned from a soft buzz to a longer fringe extending to the cheek bones. With fiery red hair to match, it’ll look like your hair is playing with Mother Nature’s elements. To give your hair this smooth flamed look, sweep the longer locks to one side and let them rest on your cheek bones.

stacked long bob idea

The sides can either be slanted or plunging depending on how you want the hair to fall.

plunging chopped bob idea

Emma Stone is wearing soft curls on medium hair which has been turned into a faux bob pattern.

faux curly bob idea for party

I love this pattern for the boldness it brings to her face.


Some highlights would definitely raise the beauty to a level where you will enjoy your own hair which seems boring or of the same tone.

The variations are tons, maybe millions. We cannot cover all of them though we can talk about some of those which are popular.

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