short haircut idea with buzzed nape for boys

The days when men sported the same hairstyle is long gone. Unlike their female counterparts, anything goes for the male haircuts and this allows for a wide range of experimentation. Many of the designs are unique in their own rights however, there are those that stand out and here is my list of memorable ones in no particular order:

This type of hairstyle looks normal save for the forehead which is styled and made to jut out away from the head. It advertises itself.

Rockabilly hairstyle  

Hardly do you find something trendier than this anywhere anymore. A raised line of hair from the front to the back is definitely worth giving a try. footballers like balotelli and  Neymar think it’s cool too.A short thatch sits on the top of a generally short hair cut. It probably got its inspiration from real architecture.

Short hairstyle idea for boys with rockabillytop

Short with side shaving

This is exceptionally good for those with thick short hair. They are then styled into spikes at the top, living the sides curly. The style varies from face to face of course.

short haircut idea with side shaving for boys

The shortest cut with buzzed nape
The good old butch style never really goes out of fashion. Moreover, it allows you the luxury of quarrelling with your comb.
Like I said earlier, with men’s hair, the rules are practically out the window so if one of these do not sooth your fancy, then get creative.

short haircut idea with naped buzz for boys

Regular short hair with long medium hair

You will such hairstyles more often than not because they are trendy a lot these days. A lot of men are supporting this style, even those who have thin hair but hair fall issues at early age.

regular short haircut for boys

Undercut with medium hair on the middle

You can see that all the nape has been buzzed from the behind from temple to back area, the hair stylist has kept the middle hair longer in style and a bit more longer on the forehead which is working good for his appearance.side shaving on short haircut idea for boys







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