cute bangs ideas for women

Your clothes and hair goes a long way to determine how you’ll be addressed. They are the first components to introduce you before the handshakes and the mouths open. Something nice and trendy is often a nice way to introduce yourself. In 2013, there have been hairstyles, both good and bad and the short haircut has spent a good time on our heads.

The short hairstyles for girls  have appeared in a number of variants this year and here are my favourite ones:

Pixie haircuts and short hairstyles for girls:

They are simple, soft and easy to maintain and very little effort or styling. It’s very difficult to find haircuts that may suit this purpose than the pixie cut. Believe it or not, pixie cut is coming back every year but with a new cutting idea and conception.

In the previous years, pixie cuts were very simple where hair was cut to a certain length (usually long at the sides of the face frame) and front hair was usually chopped off shorter to create an edgier and sleeker hairstyle. Today, stylists are adding their own conceptions in order to make pixie sexier for girls.

purple pixie hairstyle for women 2016

Blue and royal blue combination works well for all hair.shortest pixie hairstyle ideas for women


Two-way hairstyles

The two-way hairstyle comes with a number of designs. Usually, the back hair is cut low while the front side is longer with bangs hanging just above the eye brows.

You can call two-way hairstyles either ‘high-low’ or ‘long-short’ whatever you want. To be very honestly, long-short haircuts may look odd in the beginning but they are working good for party and sport girls. Two-way hairstyles are fit for girls of 2016- they have variety to suit your needs for latest cut, just choose one to be yourself again!

fade hairstyles ideas for women 2016

The sides are shaped nicely.cute shaved hairstyle idea for women 2016

Short bob hairstyles

A number of bob styles are perfect for the short hair and each one is great in its own way. Short bob styles such as the chin length bob and the round bobs are quite enviable. Bob has been introduced in a variety of different styles these days- concave bob, inverted bob, long bob, short bob, asymmetrical bob, dimensional bob, angular bob, angled bob, and emo bob are just few names trending much this year.

Bob with bangs can set you apart from your all friends in the college or school. Just pick a nice color to create an edgier and sleeker look, after all impressing everyone is not easy yet you can completely change your appearance from sassy to saucy with great highlights! Purple, green, yellow, and blue are major highlight shades being used this year in all bobs and bangs. See if you can try out one of these shades on your hair- remember that the shade must be chosen according to face complexion. Start studying your face before choosing the shade as it must goes well with your skin tone, complexion, and features.

cute bob hair idea 2016

You can add more colors of your choice in your bob.
stacked bob hair ideas women

Bangs- bangs-bangs with Undercut or short styles

The bangs are great for oval faces. Just make your hair into short fringes however you want it. Sideways, side parted, and front bangs are just a few ways to wear your bangs. No matter what type of face frame you have and what your face shape is- bangs will set you apart on all occasions. You don’t need to worry about maintaining your bangs- let them travel in any direction and way- after all they travel on air to give you airs!

undercut hairstyles for women 2016

Messy hairstyles

Style your hair, move it back, brush it forward, and give it a bit of movement. It looks great on girls. Messy waves, messy short bob haircuts, and messy long bangs can add a sexy factor in your personality. Let’s see how much cool guys you bewitch with your sleek messy hair that floats in the air as you walk and move!

wavy hairstyle ideas short

Short curly bangs for oval faces.short bob hairstyle 2016

It is not messy but it is very cute with middle fringe falling over the forehead.

fringe hairstyle ideas women

The short hairstyle is no less glamorous than the long hairstyles so you can give it a try and stop struggling for that long hair.

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