Side Shaving for women with Ponytail

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If you have been suffering from unnecessary hair fall, you must do something to protect your hair. It’s not that necessary to get all the head shaved for the protection of hair, you can instead get your side hair shaved from the both sides of the temple.

Nobody would ever recommend side-shaved haircuts for women but trust me they are suitable for funkie and punk women.  There is no need to shy of wearing punk haircuts especially if you are well-educated on the culture as well as ethics.  Not all punk women are blunt or sharp if they wear short or shaved hairstyles.

side-shaved haircut with ponytail women 2015

sideshaved haircuts for women

Side-shaved haircuts for women are good for hair growth because you get all your hair trimmed to the scalp. You don’t get the roots out of the scalp you just trim them so they can get proper nutrients and grow again in a healthy manner.  Also it is a fashion to have your side hair shaved, a lot of women are doing it these days just to get attention.

Side Shaving for women is not a new idea but the way you have it done can make or break your impression on others. Well such styles should not be worn as they are because you may have to face criticism, for instance if you work in a professional environment you might end up getting criticized for your change instead of getting praises from others.

sideshaved hairstyles women

The style which I have shared above is different and classy itself. She is wearing a nice tattoo marking on the shaved area because she wants to look too bold to be unnoticed.

Though she is wearing a nice pony to complete the look but if you don’t have long hair like hers you can go for chopped bangs on the back or a bob but remember that you will always need to require pinning up on the sides in order to make your shaved areas noticeable.


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