Simple Toe Nail Art Designs of Modern Century

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If you are a beautiful woman with all the luxuries of life and blessings, you should admit that your beauty is not only in the clothes you wear, but it is also in your personality, eyes, body language, gestures, hair, face, and nails. It’s not all about looking good and stylish all the time. So the way you keep you nails and body matters a lot to others around you.  In the past, women were so relentless about their body; many didn’t even bother to do their nails as they used to keep their all attentions focused on buying a new outfit from the market. The reason for that reckless behavior was responsibilities they had at that time. They had to manage and support their families, even if it had cost compromising with the trends and looks. The only occasion when the women would pay a least amount of attention to makeup, nails and overall look was parties and family reunions.

Today, the world is changing at a fast pace and it has somewhat also altered the thoughts, demands, and preferences of the modern women. They are not confined to their families and homes anymore; they have come out of the shell to live fully. They go party, club, swimming, and dancing whenever they get time for a bit fun.

If you want to bring out your personality by the fashion of body expression and fashion, you should not be afraid to a few more miles to adopt a new fashion. A lot of women are opting for personalized nail art technique to express their personalities to their words and fortunately the technique is working very effectively in proving their great sense of fashion. Nail art is not a new way to adorn your hands and toe nails but it is welcoming a new advancements very well and all these changes are brought up creative minds. There are some ladies out there who test their knowledge and talent in the nail art designing and share it with everyone to get admiration for the work.

If you, too, are fashion conscious and willing to test your creative boldness by trying some new toe nail art design this month, you should get the ideas easily by reviewing the toe nail art images given below with a brief overview.

Flowers: Flowers make any design very attractive and sweet, but having a perfect pair of petal onto nail could demand a good deal of time. If you love hibiscus, lilies, roses, and other delicate species of flowers, you should try involving yourself into water marble nail art technique. However, it’s going to be a bit tricky to get the impeccable design on toes through water marbling because it’s not easy to work with the toes nails with the technique. These fingers are less flexible than hands’ fingers so choice is just yours, if you have plenty of time, go for it or try other ways to get the flower patterns onto your nails.

White petals on toe nails

sunflower toe nail art

These patterns have been drawn manually, if you don’t have the required skills you can use the stamping method to achieve this design.drawing on toe nail designs


French Tips: French tips toe nail art is very popular these days, it’s so much easy to get the desired effect onto nails with the work of thirty minutes. All you will need a nail polish to coat the tips and edges of the nails and a brush to erase your mistakes.


blue floral french nail art

One the french tips some stones have been stuck with the glue in order to make the design more outstanding and attractive.
purple toe nailart stones


Glitter toe designs: How can we forget glitter in the design when we are preparing for a party? Glitters will glam up all the night long adding more shine to our outlook.


Sky blue sparkle toe nail art

Some leafs on nail art: We all love nature in one way or other, nonetheless palm trees are everyone’s favorite but they can’t be drawn on a small sized toe nails, alternatively some leaves and flowers can definitely be stamped for the design.

Beautiful french toe nail art

This is an abstract design though the drawing seems to be related to a leaf like structure.abstract toe nail art

Stars and studs in the design: Love watching stars at the night? You know your fate is somewhat linked with the stars that roam in the sky, just above the roof of your home. Stars may have other meanings too so it’s better to let your fingers sparkle with a star nail art design. The studs can be used to adorn the nails this way, hope you like it.

strip toe nail art


Beaded nail art: Candy beads and pearl beads, both can be used be used in a design to magnify its beauty and sumptuousness. Use good colors in the design when going out with your special friends for a disco party. The use of decal is very common these days, you can make the most of such ideas.

Pink flower decals on toe nail design

The Simple American Star

This seems more like a design inspired by American flag since it has two major colors which are blue and red. You can also make flags of other countries by using different shades.

American flag toe nail design

Pink Decals with leaves

In order to make this art, all you need to do is just paint your toes nails with one color like black, blue or purple then decorate it further by using the decals. Completing the work will take some time but your art will turn out to be outstanding and colorful in the end.

printed flowers on black toe nail art

The White Spider lines:

This toe nail art is so simple and so easy that anyone with the basic drawing skills can do it by using a nail painting pen.white spider toe nail art

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