Slack pants are generally considered trousers while they are now. So what they actually are? Slacks are a kind of free-style pants that are worn with short t-shirts most often. Slacks are a kind of trouser though but it’s not an ordinary style that you won’t see in the market until mid of this year 2016. I can’t give you my prophesy about latest clothing trends as it’s bit too early to do it but I can surely tell you that slacks are going to be a big hit in the fashion industry and that’s for the following reasons:

Slacks are flexible trousers so they can go for almost everyone who knows how to carry a new style. Different colors of slacks can be bought for all seasons as they can be worn at any time of the day with about any type of shirts and tops. They easily fit into the wardrobe and are very practical. A lot of girls are wearing slack pants with sleeveless tops and this option is for those who live in a country where temperature is hot or moderate.

More clothes to match with the slack pants are blouses, lace inserts, translucent fabrics, tunic and knitted shirts.It’s winter everywhere, a pair of slack pants can be paired with a good textured leather jacket and scarf  and it can be further supported with high-heels shoes to get a height. To add more energy in your look, you can wrap a colorful scarf around your neck. Believe it or not, slacks are going to be in clothing trends sooner or later so why not wear a pair before it gets too popular and typical in every street of New York and London.

Love light shades? Wear pastel with a shirt of your choice


Grey slacks are sported here with a tunic shirt

slack pants fashion

Full-sleeved shirt is teamed with a flexible pair of slack


Black slack can go with any shirt, she is wearing a v-neck shirt which is bit ruched in setting


Slack pants can also be worn as a suit if you are a professional lady


Modern style can be worn anywhere. White is favorite of all ladies, you will never repent adding this slack to your wardrobe.

unique slack pant fashion

Black slack with sleeveless top for casual day. You can wear it with crop top as well.

street style slack pants

These are just some of many latest slack pants designs which are making a big buzz these days. You will be able to find more styles on the market of course.


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