Sleek Hairstyles 2014 for Men for Fall and Spring

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Hairstyle is, indeed, one of the most important part of boys’ personality that can either make or break their charm in front of beautiful girls. Whereas women are more experimental by nature, giving more importance to their hairstyles and haircuts, men are  rather very busy, paying less attention on their personal grooming. But as for the men of the today’s era, one thing is sure fashion is just as important for them as for women, which is a big change.

Most men would simply look for new hairstyles trends and go straightly to their barber to get a new cut done, caring less as how it would turn out to be in the end or how it would frame their facial features. There is nothing wrong in asking your barber or hairstylist to choose a haircut for your face shape but it would be nice to make your pick very wisely as it’s all about your fashion. Though the opinions of your hair stylist do matter a lot to you,  don’t forget that you know yourself better than others in the world, so it’s your responsibility to make your look adaptive to new fashion by choosing the right haircut.

Stop being dependent on others, you have got all the rights to look your best, so choose a hairstyle from the list of best hairstyles of 2014 for men. What are new haircuts or hairstyles 2014 for men? There are plenty, I am pretty much surprised to see as how men are one step ahead of women in bringing forward new haircut ideas- besides new hair shades and cuts, there are some cuts that are combined with another “unique” cut to accentuate a certain face frame or look.

If your hair is long and beautiful, you can style it in a variety of ways, I will share all the best images of hairstyles 2014 for men (some have actually experimented with their hair to look different at different events with the same haircut, it’s interesting. You can do it, too).
Long Bangs Hairstyles 2014 for men:
There is no denying that long bangs hairstyles are solely suitable for oval or oblong faces. However, they can also contour or frame broad faces effectively if done professionally. Men with small forehead and augmented chin normally wear bang hairstyle- sometimes layers from bang fall over the front face, covering half of it, giving a soothing yet sculpted look.

layers haircut 2014 men

bangs2014 menLayered hairstyles 2014 for men:
Layered hairstyles that we know from the past aren’t in trends anymore. When we say ‘layered hairscuts’ we talk about fairly modern layers that can be styled in spikes or mohawk by tweaking the hair with the styling products. Men of 2014 aren’t sporting layers that Johny Depp used to wear in the old times. The world has changed a lot since that time- Leonards Deaprio wore nice, waving layers in Titanic- the hair was done nicely, but now the kind of layers are considered either retro or old-fashioned styles because men have got more options in hand when it comes to getting layers.

layered bangs2014 men



Classic Part Hairstyles 2014 for men:
Class part hairstyles 2014, too, aren’t as traditional as classic cuts of 2010-2011.  The more common ones in the styling were side-swept and the slick back. Now for a big fashion statement, men are doing alterations in the sleek or brushed-back hairstyles by focusing more on the setting of the hair rather than setting it down through hard brushing after applying wax or hair gel.


Crew cut hairstyles 2014 for men:

The crew cut of 2013 was bit odd as the front section of the hair would fall over the face in an odd manner. But in 2014, the crew cut is decided to be keep shorter from the front, it would be a mix of crew and mohawk as you can see in the image.

crew cut2014 men

Spikes hairstyles 2014 for men:

We all know that spiky hairstyles won’t be out of fashion or trend because there are few men with heavy hair wanting to keep their hair up with gel in order to look sexy all the time. Spikes can be either of equal length or in different length depending on the choice- just like layered cuts, it’s up to you to choose the length of the spikes.

pompadour 2014 men

fire spikes2014 men


Undercut hairstyles 2014 for men:

Just in case you are in military or army, you can go for undercut or side-shaved haircuts. There are some guys, who love undercut hair just to adopt a western inspired look.


Long Buzz cut hair styles 2014 for men:

Those of you who don’t feel comfortable with the idea of shaving all the hair of the head can go for long buzz-it looks sassy and gorgeous.

long buzz cut2014 men

Curly mohawk hair styles 2014 for men:

If you love mohawk but don’t want to wear side-shaved hair with it, you can do it, it is possible. How about turning your layers to mohawk with styling gel? A great idea, right?

curly mohawk2014 men

Pompadour Hair styles 2014 for men:

If you are in love with puff and pompadour, your hair length has to be fairly long or else you won’t be able to get the desired amount of oomph in the style.  Keep in mind that pompadour can only be made on heavy and thick hair, if you have it, you are lucky.

pompadour men2014

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