Smokey Plum Eye Makeup idea

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A special evening event is coming up and you are planning to do your own makeup.  You have tons of money but you want to be adept in doing evening makeover as this is something you really enjoy doing on your own. How to do it? There are plenty of ideas for you to choose from.  Maybe you don’t want to wear neutral makeup as you are tired of wearing it all the time, so you must give a try to new plum-red Smokey eyes makeup that would transform your eyes into real petals. The use of three color combos would also enhance your eyes, depending on how perfectly you blend the eye shadow colors.

how to do plum red smokey makeup step by step tutorial

Things needed for smokey plum eye makeup

Mallofusa five colored eyes shadow palette with shimmer shades

NYV Mechanical eye pencil in black color

Maybelline New York eyeliner matte

Glamour my eyes intense mineral eye shadow plum

Faux eyelashes thick and long

Shadey mineral black (coal)

White gel glitter

Tutorial on how to do plum red smokey eyes makeup

  1. Begin by applying concealer all over the eyes and use soft brush to blend it.
  2. Apply white eye shadow coat on the eyes.
  3. Apply white shimmer from the kit of Mallofusa on inner eyes corners.
  4. Now apply small amount of glamour my eyes intense shade in plum color by mixing it with violet and red color. Keep it in the middle.
  5. The spread it on the outer eyes corner slowly, but keep in mind that good amount should be blended near the inner corners.
  6. Now make the crease highlight using Shadey mineral black. Blend it until you get the perfect crease.
  7. Now apply NYC mechanical eye pencil on both upper and lower lid, keep the liner thinner.
  8. Apply Maybelline eyeliner over the lines you drew before.
  9. Wear your lashes and in the last give a small stroke of white gel glitter on the inner corners.

Points to Consider:

Keep in mind that the beauty of this entire makeup depends on the blackest eyes shadow, the darkest are better, therefore it’s necessary that you find the right tone to create this much special effect in your makeover. The lighter tones are good but they don’t make a prominent contrast with the reddish color.

You can add more creativity in it by adding some glitter right on the inner corners of the eyes, this would turn your makeup more glamorous than before. The sparkles will transform your appearance to a big extent for sure.


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