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We already have entered in 2018 and new festivals are on their ways such as club parties, regular hang-outs, birthday and wedding celebrations, and we shouldn’t forget about the night parties that we throw once a week just o have fun with relatives, colleges and friends. A girl’s eternal dream is to look beautiful, sassy, and outstanding and not to mention that big celebrations are a good excuse to cross all the makeup boundaries that limit us to few lip shades and eye shadow themes.

Glittery Makeup Inspiration 2018

glitter eye makeup idea glitter eyes makeup golden pink glitter eye makeup golden glitter eye makeup silver glitter eye makeup motives glitter eye makeup blue


Before you use any over-the-counter glitter, you must keep few points in your mind as cheap products always come with some disadvantages. For instance, the loose glitter we often find packed in small bowl like bottles is harmful to eyes, it is made out of glass crystal, if any particle accidentally goes into the eyes can scratch the ball and even cause serious damage to retina and vision if comes in contact with the pupil.

Use Makeup Grade Glitter Always
It is recommended that you use make up grade glitter only as it can’t cause any damage to your eyes as it is made of polyester or plastic normally. However, there is a kind of glitter that has more glam to it, it is bit heavier in weight than plastic glitter, it must not be applied as it on eyes and it is necessary to take proper precautions before incorporating it into eyes makeup.
The purpose of this post is not to make you scared of glitter in any way, instead this info is just to make you well-aware of the impacts. Sharing is caring, so you need to know how to use glitter before you even think of sparkling your beauty with glittery eyes 2018.

There are many ways you can sparkle your beauty with glittery eyes 2018and some of these are given below:

glitter eye makeup grey

glitter eyes makeup grey

glitter eye makeup silver grey glitter eye makeup golden black glitter eye makeup red black glitter eye makeup sparkle
Apply Loose Glitter
If you have already completed your makeup, you can apply eye glitter with a fine eye brush to the area where you want it to be. Your loose glitter must not be heavy in size and weight if you want to use it as it as.

Use a Cream Base for glitter eye makeup
Applying a base cream can produce dramatic effect in the eyes makeup provided that you are using it right, the large amount can make your makeup powdery instead of balanced, so just be careful. When you use a base cream before applying the glitter on eyes, the particles stick very well to the desired area and they won’t even fall into eyes either.

Use Gel Glitter
You should use Gel Glitter if possible as it can last for a long time and it is also least harmful when it comes to side-effects, in addition it is easy to work with. You can even use it on the lower eyelids.

glitter eye makeup under eye glitter eye makeup eyeliner glitter eye makeup matte glitter eye makeup crystal glitter eye makeup cute

Use Eyelash Adhesives for glitter eye makeup
You can use eyelash adhesive cream to apply the glitter on the eyes, pat it with the brush on eyes little by little to stick it all without messing up with the shadows.

glitter eye makeup idea

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