Spooky Halloween Nail Design Ideas

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Halloween day is getting nearer with every passing day and it’s wise for us to set up some plans for our parties ahead of time. Whereas some Halloween lunatics will play creepy games like witch hunt, mummy maker, Trick n Treat, a skeleton race to remember and pumpkin Halloween golf, some rational minds will decide to choose to go watch a supernatural or horror movie at the night with folks. Playing games is also challenging and fun, of course these activities remind us of some urban legends or occurrences of horrific events such as cannibalism, vampire, mass killing, brutal murders, witch crafts and several other stories that we have been hearing from our parents and which our parents have heard from their ancestors and so on.

It’s just too creepy to wear up a shirt which is completely soaked in blood splashes and stained with horrible human’s flesh- but it all makes sense, by doing weird stuff and things you try to revive the history to show the world that those who have lost their lives in the past at the hands of vampires or murders are still not forgotten yet and that there is a special day ‘Halloween’ observed once a year in many countries to rewind the time, giving insight of the horror that had taken place years ago. Though someone lost their life somewhere in the history but to keep the legend alive, people come in adaptations of cruel or good characters to tell that they are a firm believer of super-natural apparitions.

I guess it was a big, boring debate on why we celebrate Halloween day every year and why we must participate in the parties, now let’s discuss why it’s necessary to wear some Halloween nail art designs and why your fingernails must go with your dress. If you are spending some hundreds of dollars into buying a nice yet odd Halloween costume, you must try to adopt your character fully by focusing on your fingernails as well.   There are so many horror nail art designs to wear and try out there, but ones which are easy to make should be considered first just in case nail salons are too cluttered during Halloween to provide you service.

I am going to share some timeless and spooky Halloween nail design ideas, created by creative ladies without help of nail art experts. Some of these horror designs are roughly painted but at least they are much attractive than those we have already seen or tried, never mind, they are rough but not tough to create.

Jack and Sally make for best Halloween nail design ideas because they are favorite characters for the theme.


Stitches on one nail and ghost. All nails have different object according to the theme of the day.


Just one nail designed for the theme.



Cute pumpkin and simple manicure


Some glitter included for the design for good effect.


Spider is back with new colors.



Gravestones make a good nail theme for any dress that you want to wear.


These long nails are creepy, aren’t they?


Here is an omen cat, peeking in a freaky manner to give you scares.





Too many stones will get your hands noticed in the dark.


These are some of many Halloween nail design ideas you might want to try this year.








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