Sober and Sultry Piper Perabo hairstyles

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Who doesn’t love Piper Perabo below the shoulder blonde haircuts that have a fancy appeal to deliver? I have seen her many hairstyles closely, one thing I have noticed that that her blonde textured hair complement her eyes very well in addition to making  a match with her white skin tone.

She wears formal curls, sometimes she goes for ombre as well. She also appears in textured waves on the parties, making us believe that real beautiful mermaids do exist in this world. Piper Perabo hairstyles change from time to time.

The blonde shade is what she never compromised on, it’s perhaps it looks wonderful on her skin tone and face shape. It’s also that she feels comfortable with the natural shade; however, sometimes she gets this shade enhanced to look more beautiful. You can review these Piper Perabo styles to feel impressed by the way the lady has been pulling off the natural hair shade without ado.

Wrapped knot in golden

This is a good hair do ideas for those women who have thick textured hair. As you can see there is a wrap up style on the front side which can be seen easily, it actually called topknot but in a wrapping style. The separate band is not used for the tying purpose instead the hair itself wraps to make the knot.

Piper Perabo amazing topknot

Seductive Smile with Blonde hair

It reminds of of Lady Gaga who has seemingly tried all the colors including this platinum one. Well as for Piper’s change we can say that she is looking gorgeous and beautiful, the seductive waves have made her more flattering than before for the audience for sure.
Piper Perabo long party curls 2015

Just the messy ombre for the night

Sometimes you just need roughly styled hair in order to make a good impression,one example is given below. Well this is not new for ladies to support two toned hair these days, the base is either brown or black normally whereas the hair on the crown area is dyed in gold, this creates a nice impression.
Piper Perabo loose curly hairstyles

Love for rough hair do

There is just slightly raised hair do on the back which is pinned up in a way that front bangs are covering it all, love this rough style because it has attraction.
Piper Perabo medium haircut

Sultry braid on the back

Good to see that she wants to do experiments with some braids as well, this one is very appropriate for her age and face shape.
Piper Perabo party hairstyles

Ponytail with black sleeveless dress

We all adore this pony style and of course her makeup too, she rarely wears red lipsticks like this in the parties.

Piper Perabo ponytail

Bob with graceful streaks

The streaks in the bob has turned the style ever more stylish and graceful. The bangs are covering the face in a nice manner and also there is a small base brown color to be noticed in the hair do which is amazing.

Piper Perabo short bob haircut

All pulled back hair in pony

This sleek look has impressed all lovers and fans of Piper because it is articulate and somewhat very neat.Piper Perabo sleek hairstyle for party


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