Owen Wilson surfer hairstyle

Surfer hairstyles are making their comeback. Originating in the 1960s, a number of celebrities are wearing them today. Extremely popular on the West Coast and in Hollywood, the trend is moving across the country and becoming more prevalent everywhere. These are some various celebrity surfer hairstyles and the famous icons that wear them.

Owen Wilson’s hairstyles

Mr. Owen Wilson is most well-known for his appearance in the film Armageddon. He sported his great blonde surfer locks a little longer for the movie, but usually keeps them at chin level. Bangs are at the eyebrows. Most men with a wide high forehead will look great with this one. It hides the forehead. This one works with either straight or wavy hair.

Owen Wilson warm blonde hairstyle

Looking lovely in graceful blonde locks.

Owen Wilson blonde locks

The best surfer hairstyle inspiration.Owen Wilson surfer hairstyle

Matthew McConaughey’s hairstyles

Matthew is sporting a crew cut for the last couple of months, but is well known for his super macho surfer dude haircut. Whether he is a tough guy or in a romantic comedy his smile behind the surfer haircut is beautiful. Worn back away from his face is an exception to most of the other surfer dude haircuts.

This haircut certainly fits him. He even played in a movie called Surfer Dude in 2008. The shoulder length version of his surfer cut is full of natural wave and loose carefree curls. The curls are there by an act of nature, but keeping the hair longer in the top and sides makes them come to life.

Mathew Mcconaughey surfer hairstyle

Your best bet for casual hairstyle is one shown below if you have crossed your 40s.

Mathew Mcconaughey casual hairstyle

Jason Momoa’s hairstyles

A number of famous celebs are wearing the dreadlock surfer hair. Jason Momoa, the successful model and actor, is one of them. The dreads are easy to keep and maintain and very attractive for a lot of the ladies. Though, they do have some drawbacks.

Jason Momoa black curls

Jason has admitted that his surfer dreadlock hairstyle has caused him some trouble. Severe headaches from the weight are one of the issues. His hair weighs nearly seven pounds. While filming one martial arts scene he got whiplash from his hair.

Although Jason has since cut his bothersome locks off, these will work well for anyone seeking the look with a little natural curl to the hair.

Dreads are developed from forming several different small to medium size braids and simply allowing the hair to grow naturally from this origin.

Men wearing a surfer dude haircuts has been around for several generations and appears to be here to stay. Celebs wearing these types of haircuts are found all around Hollywood and anyone outside of Hollywood could wear one too. Having the right one will make you look and feel great.

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