Synthetic Neon Makeup Art! Glow your Beauty in the Dark

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This is not unusual for girls to attend occasional night-outs where lights beam around to make everyone rock in a trance, with music playing in the background at its loudest. The cacophony of these parties is high enough to make you lose your control, of course this is something every lady wants when there is a rush of boys around here. The company of friends and people of opposite genders keep her confident.

What should I wear to the party because there will be a lot of people gather to look at you? This might be the question one asks while picking a dress out of the wardrobe. The dress can be anything short or long, with beads, gemstones and patterns; the most important is how to harmonize your skin tone with it with a proper makeup. The glowing pink and red lips are good for these events but they are not in fashion anymore- you need to put on something that can steal everyone’s attention for you. How about using synthetic Neon Makeup that glows in the dark? It will make you stand out in the crowd.

Synthetic Neon Makeup is a special kind of makeup which glows in the darkness, the use of neon colors make it special. The neon shade emits light when it is exposed to the darkness, it’s not an empirical thing but it seems this way that the light is being evolved from it.

Fun to make ring of smoke after wearing neon makeup

glow party makeup

Multi color synthetic neon makeup

The idea of multicolor neon makeup application is very much plausible when there comes a dance party in the town. Your all friends will be there in their favorite makeovers and you are also allowed to wear a character of your choice- there is no need to copy someone’s style when you can make a lasting impression with your own trend, wear makeup differently, in an artistic manner to tell others you can make true fashion followers by bring up a unique idea.

glow party makeup

The Flowers in white:

Technically this synthetic makeup art requires very strong artistic skills. The flower drawing is not very easy, especially the one which glowers this much with different colors. Also notice that she has transformed her lips and eyes as well in a floral pattern to look bright and different.
glow makeup ideas

Neon Powder and Mascara

This is a literally child’s play to create this makeover. Just sprinkles the flower powder here and there when you are done with your eyeliner, base and everything, in the end apply neon mascara to get the special effect.
glow makeup idea women

Glow in the dark

These nail arts are not just impressive but very bright. All you need to do is buy your color and apply it, it will glow out there in the dark and make your hands noticeable.
yellow and green glow nails

Stila Pink Lips

The pink is more prominent than greens and purples because it is bright. However you can wear different lips just in case you are going to wear a green or yellow dress.
neon pink glowing lips

Another neon art

Easy to do it. Buy different shades and apply them in a random order.

nailart that glows 2015

Green Glow

These nails are pretty because they can shine in the absence of light.
green neon nails

glowing green nailart







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