classic tapered fade haircut ideas for modern men

Tapered cut is achieved when hair is cut in layers instead of one length all around. The cut can be even or uneven depending on your preference and style. One of the great things about this cut is the variation that it comes with. You can have it on short, long and medium hair with ease and comfort.

Short Taper fade haircuts for men
Thick or curly hair will benefit from a short fade style. These are much easier to maintain for this type of hair. Men who have thinning hair should also consider it to add volume on the hair.

Hair on the middle head can be cut shorter or longer in the length according to the face whereas the side hair is shaved always close to the scalp.

tapered fade cut with beard

This is an afro fade.

tapered fade haircut for men

It’s semi short style with some bangs on the middle head.tapered fade haircut idea for long faces

It’s a perfect fade haircut.classy tapered fade haircut idea menIf you want a messier look avoid blending the layers while styling and the opposite is true for a sleeker or smoother look. Smoother looks with short layers are seen on men in professional careers that need a more conservative appearance.

Medium Fade cut for men
This is defined as shorter than chin length and at least 2 inches long. Thin hair can be layered at medium length, but it works best for short and thick hair. Cuts can be blended or unblended depending on your personal preference. Some men even add bangs to the style whereas others just want to have some flash tattoo on the head.

The design can be simple or complex, your hair stylist will help you make a decision for sure after studying your face shape and features. Taper cut usually suits almost all face types except for some highly broad faces where additional cuttings are required to give a nice frame to the face.

Hair is neither too long nor too short in the middle.

classic tapered fade haircut ideas for modern men

It’s the classiest fade I have ever seen in my life.If you have always been wanting to wear a hippie type style, this cut would be your best bet and option.


hippie style tapered fade haircut formen

It’s another very rational and practical medium fade that can be rocked with ease.unique tapered fade haircut idea formen

Medium fade idea for afro hair.tapered fade haircut for dark skinned men

Long taper fade for men
These are generally cut to the chin length. Although for most this isn’t very long, it is for layered styles. Longer hair works great for adding bangs. Thin hair gains volume even with longer layered cuts. The style is extremely versatile in how to wear it. Brushed forward or pulled back gives a totally different look than simply wearing down. Styling products can be added for more control or a distinctive appearance.

Working with the right stylist is vital. You want your longer layered hairstyle to remain masculine and not too feminine. Conservative work environments are not the place for a long layered haircut.

Bangs have been kept long in this fade.

tapered fade haircut with mohawk formen

Layering has been done on long hair in this pic.
overview of tapered fade haircut

Can you see long, thick wavy pattern in this fade? It’s amazing, isn’t it?sideview and backiew of tapered fade haircut

It’s a punk frohawk fade cut.long tapered  fade haircut for men
In conclusion
One of the biggest advantages of layered haircuts for men is the versatility you achieve. They are great with a part, worn forward or even applying different types of hair products will fashion a totally unique look to the same haircut.




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