Tattoo designs for women

3d butterfly tattoo

A female carrying a tattoo is wayward and rebellious. At least, it was that way about 30yrs ago. Even long after tattoo became a common thing in the society, the community was still skeptical about its presence on women. If you are craving to get a new tattoo inked elsewhere on your body you should go through these new tattoo designs for women .

Nowadays, it’s common place to see women in all areas of life sporting tattoos without incurring any negative impression. Female tattoos usually differ from masculine in that they’re often smaller in size and less aggressive. This is probably due to their generally smaller size and less and soft personality but this does not always hold as people may differ.

Nevertheless, there are often elements that are more frequently seen in feminine tattoos. Some of the new tattoo designs for women are as follows:

  • Fairies tattoos

They are usually artistic expressions of the fantasy creatures resembling young girls with magic wands and may be decorated with stars or flowers. Do you love fantasy? Still have all fairy tales in your mind and want to revive the innocent experience of childhood? Go for a beautiful fairy tattoo and try it to be close to the characters of those stories which inspired you in your childhood.

Not all fairies tattoos are beautiful yet some black figured fairy could have killing colors to prove that life keeps good taste.

Fairy’s figure is ambiguous but her wings are realistically blue, got the idea?

the blue fairy tattoo Cute fairy tattoo

caged fairy tattoo idea

Still living in a paradise of your fantasy? Still want to be fairy in disguise of a human girl? Let’s some fairies embrace your back.

marmaid fairy

Soft fairy tattoo with big wings may boost your confidence in yourself

fairy tattoos with big wings on arm

Crying fairies tattoos represent sadness inside you

crying fairy tattoo idea

Another unique design

unique fairy fantasy tattoo

 Hearts tattoos

It represents love and we know how crazy about love the next girl is. Well, a heart tattoo should be ordinary as you see on a DG or rocker girl, it should have something special. Try not to fall for those big heart inking which have sharp red colors everywhere in the design, be serious about picking a tattoo even if the theme is to be ‘heart or love’, you mustn’t look an ordinary person by wearing same old craps.


 Heart got big wings

heart tattoo with wings

 Your real heart beats when you meet your lover

heart tattoos for couples

Your heart is connected with his forever.

two connect hearts tattoo

Butterflies tattoos

These are probably the most popular tattoo elements among women. Butterflies tattoos could be good or bad depending on the scene or surrounding of the design you have chosen. Keep in mind that soft attitude and speaking style of a girl should always relate with a soft, beautiful butterfly tattoo as this ink may become a perfect impression of persona when right colors are highlighted inside the design. Be rational.

Sexy back with a nice butterfly tattoo

3d butterfly tattoo

 Hand can also be inked!

buttery tattoo on hand

 Butterfly tattoo on upper back

butterfly moth tattoo back

 Nature and rib cage

butterfly tattoo merged with roses

Texts tattoos

Texts, popular quotes, and phrases are common tattoo elements among the ladies. Text, hieroglyphics and old sayings are widely used in tattoos these days but make sure that saying you are getting inked in a written format has some meaning to it or has a sort of strong impression or influence on others.

text tattoo with elepahant on foot

Most meaningful message I have ever text tattoo on body

This one is done on the arm of a boy but you can replicate the same on your delicate wrist.

text tattoos on arms

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