Taylor Swift Hairstyles, Not always curly

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Any lady having natural black and blonde curls may already have an idea of upgrading the haircut because it is even difficult to transform or temporarily change the texture of the hair. When the hair is coiled tightly naturally, there are not many ways you can possibly try to make the hair straight just like normal people have. What should be done if your hair is coiled? Why not follow Taylor Swift hairstyles and techniques, she is doing it well. Honestly, she is already on the good books for having nice versions of curly hairstyles, she wears short, faux, and long and even medium hair without feeling even a single hit in her confidence. With the confidence and natural beauty, she comes out to make us believe that there is always a way to tame your hair even when it is the toughest texture of the world.

Taylor Swift hairstyles are trendy because they are done according to present standard of the fashion industry. We must praise her hairstylist for being very intellectual in styling her curls.

Just in case you want to have a look at Taylor Swift hairstyles, I am sharing a glimpse of few to make you realize that it is not difficult to work with the curls anymore provided that you know how to be more beautiful with the features you have gotten.

Smooth and Soft:

These smooth and soft waves are making their own expression in their own way by covering her face very neatly. The hairstylist has pinned her waves in a good order behind the ear in a kind of random order to avoid textured type style.

Taylor swift curly hairstyle

Better and Natural:

Taylor is known for wearing curls only but this hairstyle prove that she wears more than coils many times. She have had her hair straightened in this make over, she has also brushed it on the side to create a nice side fringe.

Taylor swift curly hairstyles

Cute Pattern: 

The slight pinning has helped her to achieve some patterns on the back hair, moreover the fringe on forehead is adding a balance with the pulled up hair because it is free and bouncy.

Taylor swift blonde fringes

Taylor and Party:

What a lovely hairstyle, right? She rocks in these curls by adding a crystal beaded head band which is usually worn to complete bohemian styles. Well it’s not bad to expect music lovers come up with good styling and makeup ideas, unlike Lady Gaga some celebrities are trying to keep their makeup soft and nice because they favor naturalism.

Taylor swift bohemian hairstyles

Rough but nice:

You can clearly see some patterns created naturally on hair by a heating product. She might have spent a lot of time in getting her hair straight, after doing so, some parts are pinned at the back. This is the first time I have seen her in kind of straight pulled back style and she is looking very much impressive without doubt.

Taylor swift braid hairstyle

Flower Band on curls:

I personally believe that we should attribute Taylor’s beauty with real flowers. Though she is trying to portrait herself bold and sassy but her innocence always overcomes everything she does it’s because she is still young and bit naughty. ¬†This hairstyle is nice, you can see that a flower has been weaved into the curls very nicely

to cover the sides.



Taylor swift chignons

Red Dress with golden curls:

Good combination with the dress. The locks have been turned into impressive coils which are more or less chignons with some textures and volumes. Additionally she has pinned up hair on the side. The flirty dress is adding more grace to entire makeover.
Taylor swift curls 2014

Taylor in regular curly hairstyle for event
Taylor swift curly waves

Kind of tight permed coils with side bangs

Taylor swift party hairstyles

Sleek updo with a fringe

Taylor swift short haircuts

Nice coils in nice shade

Taylor swift side parted wavy bangs

Cool wrap up pony tucked on one side

Taylor swift side ponytail








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