beautiful golden tattoo temporary

I am sure many of you crave for temporary tattoos as they are easy to remove and get rid of and there is no pain whatsoever involved in wearing these tattoos. Versatility of designs is another thing that you get in temporary gold, silver and platinum tattoo designs. I hope you have guessed what I am going to talk about in this article. I was talking to my Spanish friend one day and she sent me her pictures wherein a golden tattoo could be clearly seen on her back. It was a kind of tattoo texture and design which I had never seen before. I have seen enough flowers, lily, tree, and cherry blossom tattoos but nothing like silver, gold and platinum tattoo art for body before. It sort of surprised me a bit as the trend of wearing 24 carat gold or platinum body jewelry tattoo isn’t much trending in Europe, London or elsewhere in other progressing countries of the earth.

If you are a big tattoo amateur who wants to do experiments with different tattoo designs, colors, figures, shapes, and arts I am sure you’ll like the idea of wearing original gold foiled tattoo on your body for parties as we always desire to boast our body the way others can hardly think of. The famous temporary jewelry tattoo designs are amazing as you get a shade of real gold in all designs that you just feel pride in your choice after applying one foil on your body.

Temporary jewelry tattoo designs are sexy, stylish, and very shinning. Check out these pictures of gold and silver tattoo designs to feel spellbound about the creativity of Arab and Spanish body jewelry makers as they are manufacturing true masterpieces of body arts for those who want to feel special by wearing unique tattoos.

Once applied, gold temporary tattoo can stay for 5 to 6 days on the body and later it can be removed during a long bath with soft scrubbing, it will peel off easily leaving no stain at all. Gold jewelry tattoos are non-allergic so they are easy to use and carry; there is no risk of skin infection or rashes at all. Just feel comfortable after applying the foil and let it stay as long as you want.

Some gold jewelry tattoos are not very expensive so anyone can buy them from the market, they are not permanent so anyone wanting to get a tattoo on back or elsewhere done for the time being can use them.

This is a cute and artistic design with wine going from the arm to the wrist to all the way to the hand.

temporary tattoo in gold for wrist

It is looking very beautiful on her tanned skin.

temporary jewerly tattoo ideas for women

Indian style Jewelry tattoo for foot, just in case you want something extra for the big day, here is the nice idea to try.

temporary jewelry tattoofoot

Bands with ropes, arrows and text are included in one packet many times. Depending on the package you choose to buy, your items will differ.

temporary jewelry tattoo ideas for arms

Here is a modern hippie woman wearing tribal style tattoo in gold and black.

temporary jewelry tattoo for arms

Another tree tattoo in gold, very attractive and unique.

beautiful golden tattoo temporary

The simple word love is saying much about itself.

beautiful love tattoo temporary

Friends wearing metallic jewelry in form of temporary tight, the foil’s glow is attracting the eyes, isn’t it?

beautiful temporary foil band tattoos

Cute jewelry tattoo along with ring marking for beautiful hands.

girl wearing golden tattoos temporary

The fashionable twisted band in gold for wrist.temporary band tattoo idea for party girls

I hope you like all these ideas and inspirations. The package usually contains more than six bands depending on the size you have purchased.








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