beautiful temporary arm band tattoo ideas

Tattoos are a permanent mark of beauty on your body. This is a huge decision or personal choice lots of people make every day. If cannot decide or unsure of what to get, where to put it or even if you want one, consider going for a temporary tattoo. There are many pros and some cons to getting one. Many of the advantages and disadvantages are here.


Temporary tattoos are nice for a variety of reasons. They will usually last a couple of weeks and then they are gone. If you do not like where you put it, you can change your mind and try it somewhere else.

They come in different sizes as well. A large one across your back to see if you like living with it will be a lot better than an everlasting decision you come to hate.

One of the biggest advantages of the temporary type of tattoo could be what you like when you are 30 is not necessarily what you like at 60. Therefore, wearing a temporary form of tattoo for a couple of months will seem a lot more sensible if your taste change. You know that there are a lot of temporary tattoos 2013 that have no side-effects, you just need to figure out what material will be used in the making before you ever get the work done on your body


The biggest con is if you love it and find trouble in getting it replicated permanently. Henna or airbrushed types will pose the biggest issues because they are unique and one of a kind created without a stencil or template. Without a cutout or pattern, an artist will get close, but never exact. No matter how cautiously you pick your design from the line up of temporary tattoos. Sometimes bad ingredients may cause skin damage, allergy or rash without your knowing about it. You may feel a slight ache or may feel tempted to rub the area where tattoo is placed and this may further cause a severe skin rash or infection. Wash your tattoo immediately if you feel burning sensation on the skin.

Allergic reactions will sometimes occur with henna tattoos or other products used in temporary tattoos.

Black henna has a dangerous substance that is also used in black hair dye, para-phenylenediamine. Lots of people have an adverse reaction to black henna ingredients.

I am going to share few pictures of temporary tattoos ideas that have no allergic reaction or side-effect to the skin. Check my collection below.

The peacock feather accent and body jewelry.

original metallic temporary tattoos

These are paint like tattoos that can be washed away easily, they are good to be used for couple of hours.

temporary tattoo ideas

Silver foil anchors and arrows.
temporary silver tattoos for beach

Jacquard accent tattoo along with black and silver body chain design.

temporary metalliic tattoo

Silver bands along with necklace.

temporary jewlery tattoos ideas

Three colored foil mixed for creating body jewelry tattoo.

beautiful temporary arm band tattoo ideas

Anchors, arrows and bands are in the design along with feathers.

temporary ancient tattoo ideas

Rings and chains.

temporary chain bracelet tattoos

Silver and golden chain patterns.

temporary foil tattoos ideas

Indian style jewelry tattoos, you can apply them when you intent to attend special night parties.Temporary indian tattoos


In conclusion

Temporary tattoos are wonderful for a number of reasons. This is really great for anyone that wants to simply try out the tattoo. If you are unsure of getting one, try this method before making a final decision. The benefits of temporary tattoos far outweigh the disadvantages for this very important and eternal decision.

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  1. Rajesh

    No one can tell you how painful it’s going to be baesuce everyone has a different pain tolerance. I found my tattoo behind my ear to not hurt at all except when I got it touched up it hurt a bit. The first go around, it felt more like tickling than anything. Because it’s such a small area, anything you put back there is going to be small my tattoo probably took less than 15 minutes (it’s a music note) and I think even if it had hurt that it would have been such a short tattoo that it wouldn’t have mattered. When you take a shower you just need to be ware of it and make sure your shampoo and conditioner don’t trip onto it baesuce the fragrances in it can be really harmful. It wasn’t that difficult but it was just something I had to focus on.

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