textured haircuts for men with side shaving

Don’t forget that options in textured hairstyles for men are numerous because the basic cut does not require you to get all the hair cut short or long or in any length, there is no restriction on you. You can pick your cut, the texture would be added later.

A number of men are considering new and trendy styles for cutting their hair. One of the hottest is the idea of adding texture to a haircut. Although, many salon professionals will provide texture to any haircut for a fee, getting the same benefits at home are a possibility. These are several tips to add texture to haircut.

Cutting hair with textured shears

Use a pair of textured shears. There are scissors which are specifically designed to add a texture look and feel to any cut a man gets. You will lightly feather the hair with the opening and closing motion the scissors or cutting shears make.

textured haircuts for men with side shaving

These textures come from the right cutting tools. Request your hairstylist to use the best ones.textured hairstyles with highlights for men

Feather textured mens haircuts

Find areas of the head which happen to have more thickness or fullness than the rest of the head are great places to begin feathering or texturing. A crossing motion with the shears will bring this area to a point with the cut which is very attractive with feathering.

small textured hairstyles for men

The long layer or feather have been styled using gel, one big bang is falling into eyes.texture cut for black haired men

Blending the top to the sides

Use a comb with the shears and pull hair out at the top and lightly cut with the texturizing shears. Usually pulling the hair with your fingers and only cutting the tips is a wonderful way to achieve the best blending. Continue this until the top is blended to your sides. There may be areas on the side of the hair which need cutting to add a little neatness to the overall look during haircuts.

blonde textured hairstyles for men

Though the length of hair in center area differs from the sides but overall there is a blended type of appearance in entire style.Brown textured hair for men

Use a matted styling paste

Matted styling pastes are sold in any beauty supply store. Applying a small amount will give hair a textured look and feel. Simply rub a small amount between your palms and rub through hair.

The paste is used to achieve the exact style you are looking for. Typically this works better with shorter hair than longer.

medium textured hairstyles for men

Less greasy the better textured style.modern textured hairstyles for men

Textured beach spray

Another product found at your beauty supply retail stores. Spray on entire head of hair and massage. One of the main ingredients is sea salt and it works great for adding a more natural texture look.

One of the other benefits of using the textured beach spray is it gives you a soft textured and slightly messier looking hair style.


Blow dryer

This is a more natural way to get more texture. Using a blower with an attachment that adds volume is best. The blow dryer opens up the hair cuticle and creates more texture throughout the haircut.

Thinner hair benefits from this form of textures and many men like it because it gives a messy almost “beach bum”  type look.

spiky textured hairstyles smen

A razor

This particular option is best in the salon. Ask your stylist to use a razor to add texture. Handling a razor to cut your hair is best done by a trained professional stylist.

brushed back textured hairstyles for men

There are literally tons of different ways to add a textures in beautiful locks.. These are only a few of the easier ways to go about it.


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