Some Great Toe Nail Designs For Lovely Ladies

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I know many of you are already going to a nail art saloon to get manicure and pedicure done, but I suggest you to try the method yourself at home to save your money. You might not be spending half of your salary on getting nail art design by an artist, but you should learn it yourself in case you are invited to an unexpected birthday party all of a sudden in an evening.  Nail art is an art for sure; it doesn’t require any complicated work at all, try adding a design on your nail in the beginning and keep adding more details along the way for trail and practice. You won’t be perfect in your initial attempts, but you will get an idea how the procedure really works in real. All you need to have first is some great toe nail designs to begin with your practice.

It is said that simplicity of the design is visibly pleasing to the eyes; a design where toe nails are adorned with French tips are far more attractive than a design with all the complex clutter of beads, colors, and lines.  If you are a beginner, you should start your practice with easy designs in the start and try some complicated patterns later when you are sure you can get them easily on the nails and when you are comfortable with the thoughts of using nail art accessories in the work like stones, glitter, paint, beads, and gemstones. Some toe nail art design ideas also incorporate paints, brush paint, and nail decals such as fruit canes and shaped rhinestones of multiple styles and sizes.

Random Lines and Patterns: Drawing random lines and patterns on your toe nails is as easy as painting a sketch on a paper. Just cover the nails with a base coat and work your way towards a perfectly thought pattern. Stamps can also be used in the procedure, but involve your creation to make the design more beautiful and attractive. A regular nail polish can be used for random strokes and lines. Try not to apply a thin coat of the nail polish on the base or else the design will not have the desired finish.

glitter strips toe nail designs

colorful toe nail design

Flowers : The only way to have a flower in the nail art design is water marbling though, if you have drawing skills you can do it easily. Choose three different colors in the nail polish and let the middle of the flower a light shade. The base coat can be white or light pastel whereas the petals should be drawn with a dark shade. The foremost outer layers of the petals should have brightest colors for more visibility and clarity.

flower toe nail design


French Manicure abstract: The idea of using the gemstones is perfect for any nail art designs especially when you need a big pop in your look for a special event or night. Apply the base coat and place the stones onto nails with the help of a pair of tweezers. Use either one nail decals or several in the same design; it depends on your personal choice and preference.

french pedicure abstract

Strawberry toes nail: I am sure you have seen this nail art several times on the internet. The design may look very difficult to attempt but it is all based on the color work. The right colors should be used for the drawings, you don’t need to be an artist to achieve the design, and it will be perfect if you are good at the brush painting. Four black dots go to the corners of the nail within a thin green line outside the nails, that’s it.


Laced toe nail designing ideas: The idea is not new though, it requires some effort and work. A piece of lace is used on the base color for getting the perfect design.

black butterfly toe nails

 print  toe nail art: Let me tell you it’s very easy to work with a design that includes zebra pattern or zig zag lines, you just have to use the brush to make the design flawless.

spirals toe nail art idea

Lace of stones for toes decoration:  The design is very attractive and compelling if done with a careful hand. A small patch of stone or crystal embedded lace goes right in the design. You pick the direction of the decal yourself.

lace toe nail designing

pink toe nail art with stone


Gradient toe nail designs: Two or three nail colors are used in the designing where each is to be used in a certain portion or amount. The real effort is preventing the colors from merging into one another.

gradient toe nail design

Dots toe nail artwork: It is very easy that a child with no drawing experience can also do it. Take your brush and start making small dots in a sensible order on the base coat. That’s it. Dots are amongst the simplest toe nail art design ideas of the earth, so you shouldn’t need a lot of talent to do it.

polka dot toe nail design

pattern toe nail designs: If you let your dots reshape in small long line patterns by keeping a good gap from each other, you will get strips toe nail art design. Everyone will love it and praise you for making such a gorgeous random lines on the nails.

pattern toe nail design

stone with pattern toe nail designs

French pedicure nail designs: You already know that tips of nails are painted with a light colored nail lacquer for a neat look. To add more beauty in it, you can draw or paint anything comes to your mind but it should be sensible.

peach toe nail design


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