Trendy Arabic Kaftan Styles in Fashion

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Kaftan is a specially stitched outfit generally worn by Arabic and Moroccan women. These women have been wearing Kaftan for important events, wedding ceremonies, and informal parties for years so it’s good to say that the dress style has become a cultural signature as it was being solely worn by women of few particular territories of Arab only.
Legend has it Kaftan, a specially designed outfit, was also in use in many Persian cultures as most royal Persian men and women would don the outfit on regular days- not just when they were to attend a function or parties. In fact, their many religious events would oblige women and men to be dressed in long Kaftan. The Kaftan styles were limited and conservative that time since there was no fashion revolution to be noticed centuries ago, women would use clothes to cover their body to be considered holy or elite. But today, there are tens of varieties of Kaftan dresses, in some designs long bat-wings sleeve are fused with the bodice to make one-piece dress. When we say one piece dress, it refers to the pattern in which sleeves are stitched with the body of the outfit.

Before we talk more on variations being offered by the designers in the making of Arabic and Western Kaftans 2014, we should discuss some traditional styles of Kaftan dresses that are a staple of elite Arabic, Persian and Moroccan women.

One-piece Kaftan Dresses Almost all modern Kaftan dresses are stitched as one piece. The sleeves are kept long, though are infused with the silhouette or flared bodice. Sometimes, the dress isn’t stitched particularly for religious women so it is meant to show skin unless it’s design for Arabic women.

Long Sleeves Infused with Kaftan Dresses : There are many styles of sleeves to be seen in the modern Kaftan Dresses depending on the region they are being promoted or are being sold out. For instance, in European countries ladies prefer wearing moderate length sleeves as they are not comfortable with the idea of wearing extra long sleeves, they hinder their body movement to some extent.  Women of royal families wear long sleeves if when they are stitched long enough alongside the flared frock of the body or upper bodice, it’s because they don’t work themselves, majority of their work is done by their servants.

Embroidered Arabic Kaftan dresses :Though European and American women love wearing Kaftan dresses but they like their style to be simple and stylish. On the other hand,  Arabic women emphasis more on getting heavy work done on the Kaftan dresses.  Kaftan dresses  are kept fashionable but for some high-class Arab ladies they are embroidered with silver or gold plated jewelry, beads and stuff like metals.

raditional arabic kaftan dress idea with cummerbund


royal rickshaw arabic kaftan dress idea in baby pink color

printed blue arabic kaftan with three quarter sleeves

modern arabic kaftan dress idea in chiffon fabric


impressive high low arabic kaftan dress idea

fuchsia arabic kaftan with long maxi

digital print arabic aftan dress idea with black lace neckline

blue arabic kaftan with long sleeves and printed maxi

beautiful pink kaftan with embrodiery on neckline with batwinged sleeves

beautiful peach brown arabic kaftan with zebra print sleeves






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