Tribal tattoo designs for girls

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Tattoos weren’t always as we see them today. It once served as art and language as well as means of identification for various cultures. The tribal tattoo design is perhaps the oldest design of tattoos to have ever been drawn.
The Maoris had various sets of tattoos to show their social status in the community. The Celtic cross was used to show their beliefs and faith while the Celtic knot represented the continuity of life. They were also used in Africa to show what society one belongs to. Check out these elegant tribal tattoo designs for girls:
However, this has changed in modern tattooing where any design that suits your fancy is game, albeit a few exceptions that may be dangerous. Tribal tattoos are known for their complexity in the woven or intertwining lines in vector forms. These allow for various additions of elements to suit our purposes and are usually referred to as being tribal inspired.

Tribal tattoos provide for us, a way to connect with our ancestors and relive our history in our own unique ways. The numerous designs for the Celtic cross, tribal tigers, and other vector forms prove this.
Thus tribal very much tops the list of trendy tattoos and Dwayne Brown (The Rock) thinks so too with about nine symbols combined into a complex potpourri on his shoulder. Find below my collection of tribal tattoo designs for girl.

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