Learn how to Make a Twisted French Tail Easily

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In all types of French tails, we usually work with three to four hair strands and the process is somewhat easy. We first make a simple braid with three stands just at the back of the head and then give it a French look by adding strands one by one, from both sides of the head. The left strands goes with the left strands of the tail and the right one goes with the right one and so on. Simple French tail is very easy to make though, some women don’t like for the reason that it’s so common and so casual.

Twisted French Braid

Women who don’t want traditional style and wish to go for a less casual hair braid can try new a French braid that is usually made by crossing two hair strands. You can create this twisted braid style in the following steps:

  1.   First, you need to separate two strands of hair from the top of the head, I suggest you to start from the front area because this area is good to start with a new braid. You can change your position by picking hair strands from a different section once you get used to creating twisted braided tail.
  2. Now move the left hair strand over the right one.
  3. Now you need to pick up the up on the left and right side as you do in a weaving hair braid. The only different would be that you will twist strands over each other and there would be no middle hair strands since there would be only two strands.
  4. Just keep moving the left over the right and your braid will be complete.

 Important note: Keep in mind that it’s imperative to cross to the hair strands over each other correctly or else the twist will not form. If you have crossed the right strand over the left strand, you need to do it with the rest of hair. You can also make this twist on the right side by crossing the left strand over the right strand according to personal preference.

Making this tail is as easy as just twisting the hair strand and overlapping it, that’s it. You can weave some beads in the middle if you intend to attend an important party.


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