Types of long colored eyelashes

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Long colored eyelashes are not for the faint of heart. From costume parties, to fashion design, to performances, here are your options.

Diva/Wild Color Eyelashes

Big, colorful and full; these long colored lashes will give off a total Diva feel. The individual lashes either have alternating colors or are two toned where each half of the same lash dons a different color. Some come in daring leopard prints. They are a popular choice for dancers, performers, and models.

thick black faux eyelashes

They are usually black, thick and long. Modern models also wear thick lashes in order to enhance the width and beauty of small eyes. Believe it or not, these lashes add more beauty to the makeup when used properly.

wild diva eyelashes

There are some colors like green and yellow on the lashes which are making them extraordinary.colored fashion eyelashes

Color Carnival Lashes

These long, colored eyelashes contain glittery paper eyelashes on interval. The lashes are sometimes divided into thick individual sections as well. They come in vibrant colors such as green, red, blue, purple. The shiny carnival look is best for dancers and performers. They can also decorate festival, parade and holiday costumes; adding bright metallic green eyelashes to celebrate Saint Patrick Day is a good example.

They have a tribal feel to the colors.

Crazy diva eyelashes

Pink and black color carnival faux lashes.

I like these lashes for having all the natural and vibrant colors we love.

color carnival eyelashes

The central theme color is blue so of course it can be worn by a blue outfit only whether it be a maxi or sequenced dress, the lashes would make the makeup perfect.

color carnival faux eyelashes

Feather Eyelashes

Feather eyelashes come in two styles; either as long, colored eyelashes with feather accents; or the feathers serve as the eyelashes. From brightly thick feathered lashes, to even individual thin feathery lashes, this exotic look is best for photo shoots, music videos and theater work. Adorn your dancers, performers and models with feathery long, colored lashes for an extra dramatic but unique look.

Want the best of both worlds? Purchase glow in the dark lashes; beautifully colored lashes by day, and glow in-the-dark lashes by night. Great for nightlife events, especially parades, rave parties, costume parties, and Halloween events.

Feel closer to the nature and give yourself an edgy appearance by wearing feather lashes.

cute feather eyelashes

These lashes add delicacy to your appearance.

feather eyelashes green

All these fantastic colors on soft feathers would amplify the beauty of eyes.

bird feather eyelashes

These lashes for someone wanting to look extraordinary on the parties. If pure black is not your pick you can wear these weather inspired lashes to look your best.

cute faux eyelashes

Another extraordinary type of lashes you can try.

peacock feather eyelashes

Purple and white feather lashes.modern net eyelashes






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