Latest Undercut Hairstyle Idea for Women

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The ombre hair trend has not become obsolete yet, a couple of fashionable fellows are upgrading the trend by adding unique color combinations of their choice. Forget about the pink and violet ombre hair because it is not in trend anymore unless you have a creative idea to do something more productive with the coloring technique.

There are many types of ombre styling techniques the one is called smudging of dark shades in a specified order- the blue is mixed with the dark blue forest shade, the green is mixed with the jade and the list goes on. The medium dark shade is dyed typically with the extreme dark shade; the mixture gives an impression of smoothness to the hair besides giving a sleek affect to the haircut.

The nape cut, the nape buzzed and one-side shaved are the most known latest undercut hairstyles for women 2015. The year is about to begin so the fashionistas have started to do their makeover ahead of time to impress their friends and family members.

The presentation on women undercut hairstyle idea is unique because the hair length is kept long- there are no waves but just the straight sleek hair with no tangles and the side of the head if shaved and then trimmed but not buzzed close to the scalp.

Look this presentation on undercut  hairstyle idea for women  more closely to get the idea of ombre hair dying- don’t forget to learn that the lighter shade would be belayed with the medium dark in order to create an ombre effect.

Peacock Pattern in undercut hairstyle idea for women

Peacock is always an inspiration when it comes to hair colors because the features of animals are considered marvelous not just for their patterns but also for the assembly of the shade in which blue is always merged with green in the best way.

undercut sideshaved hair for women 2015

Mind that her natural hair tone is dark black so the buzzed side is kept in its original color.

green and jade ombre with side-shaved haircut women 2015

I hope you can a tail like bang just above the side shaved area.

the side-shaved haircut for women 2015

There is a harmony in the haircut itself, one side is long and one side is only cropped cut. And it is making a nice balance on her long face.

Undercut hairstyle women 2015

Here is the side view for a clear idea.

undercut hairstyles for girls 2015

Not to worry if your hair is very short, you can still opt for three colored dip dying, the only difference would be that you will have small portion of blue, dark green and emerald.


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