Uniqueness in Braided Hairstyles 2014 is Praise-worthy

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We have been seeing a lot of varieties of English, Fish and French braids for years. Last years, models displayed a good variation of fishtail braided and showed us as how updo can also be combined with the style to look sassy and hot. We were already expecting that braided hairstyles 2014 would be different and yes, here we are with different and unique variations and how’s that became possible? Of course, the hairstylists combined their styling talent with the traditional braiding ideas to develop new concepts about simple styles which we have tried so many times over the years.

The most common of all braided hairstyles 2014 is fishtail braid but girls are not adding their ideas with the styling technique to get a more sophisticated makeover than before. They are trying to adopt traditional hairstyles in their own way, mixing it with their creation, to show off something unique and adorable. For instance, many college girls have started to wear inverted ponytail which is started from the nape of the neck instead of the front head- that makes a lot of difference in the final style as the technique is same but the starting point is different. The same goes with simple fishtail and boho braids, the girls are now adding small English braid in the style for a more subtle look.

As for the braided hairstyles 2014 and their uniqueness is concerned, I would say that the pictures of styles that I am going to share in this article speak very clearly of the artistry of the hairstylists and fashion-girls who love to experience difference in that old-fashioned braided hair designs.

Looks great on her, she also used hair extension to get herself a tribal look

modern braided hairstyles 2014 (4)It’s a modern braid starting from the front and ending on the ponytail

modern braided hairstyles 2014 (3)

Simple but cute, she has added two  additional braids in her braid modern braided hairstyles 2014 (2)

It’s called braided wrap-up ponytail braided hairstyles 2014 (1)Ideal for college or school girls

braided hairstyles 2014 (2)

Good braid for heavy hairbraided hairstyles 2014 (3)

Complicated fishtail braids but good for heart-shaped facesbraided hairstyles 2014 (4)If you don’t want to wear outdated braid, this one simple one may work for you

2014 braided hairs (4)

Good for brides2014 braided hairs (3)

This braid can be teamed up with casual wears 2014 braided hairs (2)

Good for party-goers as it contains a slight updo2014 braided hairs (1)

It’s inspired from nature as you can a lot of flowers, petals and butterflies being used for adornment 2014 braided hairs (5)

Loose french tail 2014 for golden hair modern braided hairstyles 2014 (1)

More of a traditional style braid 2014braided hairstyles 2014 (6)

Simple and cute, start from the front hair and then pin it up anywhere modern braided hairstyles 2014 (5)

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