Updo Hairstyles for Men

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It is good to know that men of 2014 are becoming more fashion-forward after realizing that how indispensable it is to ‘look impressive and beautiful’. Men have always focused more on their dressings and personal grooming ever since they developed a sense in fashion, though both are important for making or breaking their image in the society but there is one more appearance element that can make a difference and that’s their hairstyle.  The most common hairstyles sported by modern men are ceasar cut, buzz cut, shag cut, and layered cut. Besides there are some lesser known hairstyles that are solely for those who wear long hair and shags-like western men who always grow their hair longer every year, not that they are bound to do it on the ground of some religious etiquette instead they do it because they have a passion for it.

If you are a one of this kind, having deep interest in growing hair longer and more beautiful, you can look into some contemporary hair styling options. These hairstyles are not common among all modern men as they are only for men with a steel heart and sober soul- you can wear one of the cut only if you know how to make the society think ‘Odd is not always odd when it is worn confidently.’

Did you know that men also wear updo hairstyles? Thinking so might be a crazy thing to do, updo and men? The style is just for women that’s what a common conception is but it’s fair enough for the hairstylists to announce that styles are not restricted to any gender even if they are long, different or modern.

In the coming days you will see a lot of updo hairstyles for men who are craving to wear their long hair in a stylish manner, without looking awkward and out of style. Though the idea of updo is a completely new right now especially for men but we hope the fashion will soon become a common fashion, allowing all modern guys to wear it with freedom.
I am sharing some idea of updo hairstyles for men that you will like and adore. Moreover I would like to tell you that you can also go out with confidence with a sleek curly hairstyles and some men are already doing it.

Man in beehive:

He may be reminding you of an old Hollywood lady with an iconic beehive and front bangs but he is an icon himself because no other man has this much bravery to wear what he is showing. You may find it ridiculous and laughable style but it’s just another form of art for me and for anyone wanting to a tinge of uniqueness in men’s hairstyles.

updo hairstyle men


Backcombed hairstyles for man:

If you have a fear for what people will say about your updo you should refrain from doing it- especially when you live in a society where art is considered taboo rather than a creative field. This style is amazing, you may end up looking like a celebrity but you will definitely catch some craze glares which may or may not admire you.

men side shaving topknot




Trillion French braid updo for man:

When you believe and think “I am different in all the possible ways and I can just successfully attempt anything regarded as impossible then your bravery can be tested.” Look out in the streets for some western men that never shrugged off on the idea of being ridiculed as they don’t fear others. You will find a few of these types in a down town where western culture is still intact whereas world outside is moving ahead.


men braided updo

Man in vintage rolls:

Oh ladies, my skin isn’t as flawless as yours but I am far better in hair styling than any lady because I can wear a headband for braiding and some vintage rolls despite of having a blonde beard which speaks for my masculinity. I don’t care about gender when it comes to fashion- you are in control when you have hair and I am in control when I have beard and some good long locks.
men high updo style

Tucked up twisted braid for man:

He has embellished his beard with pride and power. It’s not hilarious though but somewhat awkward how some men just cross their boundaries when it comes to personal styling but there acts are acceptable because fashion is itself out of boundary and it will stay this way until we set a limit ourselves.

braided updo men

Man in retro rolls

He looks like a lady from old times that would style her hair impeccably to get rid of rough edges, this was done to maintain overall health of hair. He is not ashamed of these rolls because they are adding some volume to his hair besides improvising on his style.

men retro curls


Man setting rolls:

You want to set some rolls? You can do it. Just get some rollers like him and be brave enough to try some rings on your nice medium or long hair.

curling style men



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